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SINKRONOUS & M FOR METAL Installations by Gavin Prior, Siteation, Dublin, 2012

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Always Summer Somewhere by Gavin Prior
Always Summer Somewhere
by Gavin Prior
Deserted Village : DV55 : 2016

Gavin Prior:
E-bow Guitar
Acoustic Guitar
Feedback Loops
Field Recordings
HourGlass Software
Paul Stretch
Roland MC-303
Wollo Drone Synth
Arturia Analog Lab
Amplified Table
Tascam Portastudio 07
Bamboo Chimes
Bowed CD
Pink Noise Generator
Xenyx 1202FX
Focusrite Platinum Voicemaster Pro
Shortwave Radio
Wine Glasses
Windows Sound Recorder

All Who Wander by Gavin Prior
All Who Wander
by Gavin Prior
Cambrian Records/Deserted Village : CAM005/DV54 : 2016
CD / Download
EUR 10

Gavin Prior: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electronics, Field Recordings, Mandocello, Mandolin, MC303.
Scott McLaughlin: Cello on Between Breaths.
Tuula Voutilainen: Vocals on Schoolhouse Coda.

Recorded and mixed by Gavin Prior except cello on Between Breaths recorded by Scott Mc Laughlin and Pangolin Blues which was recorded by Liam Mulvaney in Asylum Studios, Bow Lane Dublin.

Mastered by Chris Leary at Melograf Mastering.

The Soup & The Shilling by The Magickal Folk Of The Faraway Tree
The Soup & The Shilling
by The Magickal Folk Of The Faraway Tree
Deserted Village/Deadslackstring : DV38 : 2010
Double CD + Download
EUR 15

Disc one is comprised of the long out of print "Mildew Leaf" and "Cat's Melodeon" cdrs and disc two is all new material.

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Misery Together by Thinguma*jigSaw
Misery Together
by Thinguma*jigSaw
Deserted Village/Derodidymus : DV45/did002 : 2012
Double LP + Download
EUR 22.50

Purchase the 2XLP from our Bandcamp and get the download instantly or just buy the download.

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(awakeinwhitechapel) by Thinguma*jigSaw
by Thinguma*jigSaw
Deserted Village : DV33 : 2007
CD / Download
EUR 13.00

To celebrate the release of 'Misery Together' the third and final Thinguma*jigsaw album we've reissued their first album from 2007 as a downland. This CD sold out twice but a few copies of the 1st pressing were recently unearthed. Click on the bandcamp link to buy the download only.

This album has been described as "a masterpiece and a half". It is produced by the eminent Nicky Coghlan, and it features twelve original compositions, one cover of Daniel Johnston's "walking the cow", and liner-notes by the legendary Mike "Sport" Murphy. Original artwork by Little Myth Epiphanymph. The album is beautiful, fragile, introverted and delightfully puzzling.

This irresistible, revolutionary folk-duo will tickle your brain and nourish your heart

Two elusive, exeptional, pivotal personalities - cunningly spinning a web of flamboyant brouhahas within the idiom of their own device: charming, clever, generous, sinister splatterfolk.

Splatterfolk combines elements of traditional Irish/British/American folk with contemporary art music, and spices it up with lyrical and musical components usually associated with horrorfilms, experimental theatre and modernistic poetry. There is also an abundance of filmatic and popcultural references. It's the new revolution within the folk music - scene of today, and you will find no finer exponents of this subversive art than Thinguma*jigSaw.

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The Nightvision by Toymonger
The Nightvision
by Toymonger
Deserted Village : DV32 : 2007
Vinyl LP + Download
EUR 11

Debut album from the Duo of Gavin Prior (United Bible Studies) and Andrew Fogarty (Boys Of Summer, Reptile Brain)
The LP comes with a download code.
A Munitions Village release.

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The Shore That Fears The Sea by United Bible Studies
The Shore That Fears The Sea
by United Bible Studies
Deserted Village/Deadslackstring : DV23 : 2006
EUR 12

Repress of the first CD album from United Bible Studies.

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Downland by United Bible Studies & Jozef van Wissem
by United Bible Studies & Jozef van Wissem
Deserted Village/Incunabulum : DV40/inc 012 lp : 2011
Vinyl LP + Download

We only have a handful of copies left with no covers. Anyone who orders an LP will be sent a Hi res image of the artwork to print as they wish.
You will receive a free download code immediately upon ordering the LP

The album title 'Downland' is a play both on van Wissem's Lowlands home, and the Renaissance Lute composer John Dowland, rumoured to have been born in Ireland. The seeds of this collaboration were sown in late 2007, when United Bible Studies were part of the bill for van Wissem's first Irish concert. He was particularly taken with Paul Condon's bass playing and eventually wrote a piece with this in mind, which became the ecstatic 'Come Holy Ghost'. Van Wissem began recording tracks for United Bible Studies to overdub and a postal collaboration began in earnest in 2009.
Numbered edition of 300 LPs in silk-screened covers. Each LP includes a free download code.

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Daylight Raving by Wyntr Ravn
Daylight Raving
by Wyntr Ravn
Deserted Village/Clean Teeth : DV35/TEETH00 : 2008
EUR 6.00

Wyntr Ravn is a duo of Jane Austen (Avanti Maria, Currer Bells) and Gavin Prior (Toymonger, United Bible Studies). Their Debut album has arrived. It's a dysthopic concept album called 'Daylight Raving'. The flesh is weak but the body and brain are still twitching, refusing to stop raving. Flashes of the night before intrude on the victim's solipsistic brainfreeze; a fews bars of beats, a lost loop, muted voices of friends now also trapped in their own private hell yet only inches can leave the rave, but the rave will never leave you.

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