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Daylight Raving by Wyntr Ravn
Daylight Raving
by Wyntr Ravn
Deserted Village/Clean Teeth : DV35/TEETH00 : 2008
EUR 6.00

Wyntr Ravn is a duo of Jane Austen (Avanti Maria, Currer Bells) and Gavin Prior (Toymonger, United Bible Studies). Their Debut album has arrived. It's a dysthopic concept album called 'Daylight Raving'. The flesh is weak but the body and brain are still twitching, refusing to stop raving. Flashes of the night before intrude on the victim's solipsistic brainfreeze; a fews bars of beats, a lost loop, muted voices of friends now also trapped in their own private hell yet only inches can leave the rave, but the rave will never leave you.


Now for some proper weird bastard music. Wyntr Ravn (Whaaaaat?) have chucked out a Compact Disc on Deserted Village called Daylight Raving that initially sounds like the fucking Orb made by ADD suffering feral kids off their heads on mushies & spesh. Then it goes into monged, trippy overdrive a few minutes in. Seemingly backwards masked beats, all manner of crazy whirrings & tinkles. It sounds like a musical clothes horse caught in a Wizard of Oz pinball machine, proper freaky with tape manipulation reaching the point where spool meltdown may occur & your head just falls off in a fit of ecstatic confusion. Then we're onto the lo-fi guitar plucking recorded from the next room but one with Half Man Half Biscuit's retarded wasp keyboard revived from the dead. Then it's digital paintball time whilst dad mows the lawn with a custard dishwasher and the dog eats your Wolf Eyes records. Yes, this is bloody off it's shitter is this CD. And there's more insane clangings, guttural keyboard splutterings and rudimenatary percussion to come. But I'm not going to tell you about that.....Excellent, in the most delightfully messy DIY fashion. Ideas all over the shop, literally, making for some truly original, wonky spellbinding genius.
Norman Records

Jane Austen (Angeline Chirnside) and Gavin Prior have dropped what has to be one of the most all over the place discs I’ve heard so far this year. It starts off with slow electronic mutterings and whirring synth, getting progressively more mangled before the RAVE makes it presence known on the third track “r*v* like u mean it”. Wyntr Ravn avoid sitting on one idea for more than, say, two minutes, seemingly at any cost. At one stage the disc veers into an American noise sound, all tumult and slashes of feedback – like Wolf Eyes or Dead Machines with the rhythm just a little more insistent. At other times they have more of a Throbbing Gristle thing going on, with mutated beats coming apart amidst a typewriter and the shuffling of feet.

“Daylight Raving” taps into a near-perfect synthesis of weird DIY bricollage, scary rave music, and ear-rattling noise. This schizophrenic bricollage aesthetic comes as something of a surprise relative to what I’ve heard from Jane Austen previously; her solo work has tended toward subdued, immersive washes of sound. In contrast this disc assaults the listener with its oppressive busyness – space and time to let ideas play out simply isn’t in its vocabulary. The sinister squiggling of electronics on “2 scared 2 wakeup” can only last for so long before it is obliterated by the nightmarishly layered “gräber grab”. Throughout, field recordings are pressed together with squawking synths, noodling keyboards, guttural vocals and collapsing rhythms, all filtered through the unmistakable sound of broken electronics.

It is precisely this busyness that makes “Daylight Raving” such a success. Overflowing with ideas, the disc’s multifaceted rendition of nightmarish claustrophobia is something to behold. 9/10 -- Tim Gentles (1 April, 2009)
Foxy Digitalis

Behind Wyntr Ravn are Jane Austen of Avanti Maria and Currer Bells and Gavin Prior of Toymonger and United Bible Studies. Fifteen tracks can be found on their debut release 'Daylight Raving' and its mayhem time. Samples of keyboards, a bit of voice, a bit of noise, feedback, pop again, electro-acoustic collage - all recorded with a charming lo-fi sensibility. Music that doesn't sound like coming from Ireland, but more a German thing. A melting pot of styles and ideas, some worked out, some not, but with a lot of energy and speed of its own. Its less from the world of improvised and noise music, if that is what you would expect based on their background and this label, but much more electronic. Mutant disco - had that not be reserved for something else.FdW,Vital Weekly