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Macro Made Session by Odd Job
Macro Made Session
by Odd Job
Deserted Village : DV4 : 2003
EUR 0.00

A single 28-minute track of subtle nocturnal ambience from the French sound artist Sebastien Chou. Close attention is required to perceive its ever-evolving nature.


"....weird lo-presence sonic sonorities...." -Thurston Moore, Arthur Magazine

Review from Vital Weekly
Odd Job is not Irish, but hails from France, and is one Sebastien Chou. No list of instruments here, but I think that there are guitars and synthesizers at hand, and a multitrack recorder, but probably no computer. Merely guessing of course. The one track that makes up Macro-made session is a densely piece of sound knitting. Sounds swirl in and out of the mix, sometimes forward and sometimes in reverse. Rhythmic ticks pop up and die out. Quite a nice thing actually. Lo-fi psychedelica of an unusual kind.