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The Ghost of Medb / Under Your Night by Agitated Radio Pilot /  The Nether Dawn
The Ghost of Medb / Under Your Night
by Agitated Radio Pilot / The Nether Dawn
Pseudoarcana : : 2007
Lathe Cut LP

After years of preparation the long rumoured split lathe makes its appearance! Beautiful it is too with individually hand-printed/ painted covers by United Fairy Moons Jim Currin. Irishman Dave Colohan's Agitated Radio Pilot project brings us a suite of sad sweet beautiful folk drones called 'The Ghost of Medb'.Said ghost shimmers and weeps diamond tears over the course of this side.
On the other side Antony Milton's Nether Dawn presents 'Under Your Night'. This consists of a song that is gradually enveloped in electronically treated noise violin before departing for hummier and droney aires and a live rock out (accompanied by James Kirk) for the final movement.
All hand etched into clear acetate by the infamous Peter King.

Lathe Cut LP(Edition of 50)



Ultra limited latest release from the uber prolific Antony Milton and his always genius PseudoArcana label. This time it's an ultra limited lathe cut, created of course by the lathe cut master himself, Kiwi legend Peter King. Limited to 50 copies, the initial pressing of this lp disappeared in no time, but we managed to get a tiny handful of this, the second and final pressing, and it's a doozy. Packaged in a gorgeous hand screened/painted brown paper cover with a brown paper inner sleeve and housed in a resealable plastic jacket, and the record itself clear with printed inner labels, this split teams up label head Milton and his Nether Dawn project with Irish band Agitated Radio Pilot. And it's a perfect match up.
Agitated Radio Pilot unfurls slow growing, wheezing melancholy melodies and warm warbly atmospheres, split into 4 tracks, it sounds more like one lengthy extended pastoral drift, a lazy wander beneath leafy trees and a burnt orange late afternoon sky, laid back and blissed out. Melancholy and gauzy. The muted buzz of guitars, warbly melodies, all very hazy and indistinct.
Nether Dawn (this time accompanied by fellow NZ noisemaker James Kirk) counter with their own brand of blurry haziness. Long drawn out drones, hushed whispered vocals, smeared buzz, distant washes of distorted guitar and muted rhythmic clatter. It sounds like pop songs stretched out and pulled apart into spare skeletal stretches of somnambulant sound. Like ARP, it's all very soft focus and dreamlike. And remember, with lathe cuts, the more you play them, the more they degrade, and the sound gets even fuzzier and blurrier and more washed out. So after a bunch of plays this might sound even better! So lovely.

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