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A Premonition by Agitated Radio Pilot
A Premonition
by Agitated Radio Pilot
Rusted Rail : : 2006

Download from Rusted Rail Here

Liner Notes by Dave Colohan...

The music on this EP, with the obvious exception of the first track (!) is an attempt to channel something more joyful & ecstatic than the Pilot is used to. The songs came out of improvisations & have minimal or no overdubbing. My favourite memories of these recordings are of Shane playing a prepared piano with a pair of car horns, while maintaining a perfectly serious face & on the other side of the country, in the blessed Venice of the West, The Phantom Dog doing his vocals on a chair...eyes rolled into the back of his Ghost-head, singing whirlwinds of ecstasy at the Moon. As ever it is a pleasure to share space in the music with Sean Og....who didn't even throw me out of his house when I asked him to play something "cosmic!"