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A Vista Opens by Townparks Foundry
A Vista Opens
by Townparks Foundry
Deserted Village : DV3 : 2003
EUR 0.00

Two veteran midlands rockers who can be seen holding hands at A-ha concerts. They have made a beguiling 6 track album full of melody and memory.This album is now available as a free download.


Review by Keith Wallace
This mini-album from Dublin based duo Townparks Foundry floats on warm tones, infused with lo-fi beats and mantric melodies reminiscent of the mellow transcendent electronic pop of The Notwist. “One Last Visit” is spacious and spacey as finger-picked acoustic guitars meet deep and distant cosmic keyboards, while “Live From the Six Month Winter” has been stuck in my head for days on end. If I could drive then this would be on the stereo for late night journeys beneath the cool city lights. “Lights on Daytime” wanders through magnetic fields of longing and wistfulness while “Theme from Townparks Foundry” is a tune for when you’re wrapped up warm and running hand-in-hand through snow-covered strawberry fields. The mercurial revelations of the plaintive nine-minute epic title track has touches of the toytown electronics and melodica of angelic Icelanders Mum, and the closing “Morning Call” is a note left by a departing lover, like the Boards of Canada collaborating with Red House Painters. At the first sign of frost this winter just reach for Townparks Foundry. They will keep you warm.