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The Lunar Observatory by United Bible Studies
The Lunar Observatory
by United Bible Studies
Digitalis Industries : foxglove033 : 2004
EUR 0.00

Released on Foxglove

"These Deserted Village kingpins once again travel out into the woods and make music with all the forest creatures. relaxed and soothing, "the lunar observatory" flickers like a distant star, offering up subtle, yet powerful, sounds. wheezing saxophone, scraped guitar strings, and melodic piano sprinklings come together in unison, singing for the sidereal plane. these guys are ireland's finest export, and like an old bottle of Jameson, is best taken in small doses. Beauty defined. - Foxglove


This album is a very spherical and moody contemporary-experimental acoustic album with a nice evolution, a true filmic experience, as a wonderful late night laid back soundtrack. I think the title of the album was chosen well. Especially the earlier parts have some calm jazzy touches (piano, french horn (?),..), and the improvisation also ends meditatively with rustic piano. Only 120 made.
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