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untitled by The Pirate Tom Gribbins
by The Pirate Tom Gribbins
Deserted Village : DV13 : 2004

3-inch cdr, edition of 30. Available on bandcamp.


Review by Brad Rose on Foxy Digitalis
Reverb soaked sparse industrial beats and the sounds of an old Victrola welcome the listener into the ship of the Pirate Tom Gribbins. These recordings represent a seedy underbelly to the village; this is where the adulterers and thieves lurk in shadows, waiting for their next victim. Density is the key here. Each of these tracks is almost overwhelming in its girth. At times, it's as if you're being drenched in a torrential downpour. This is the type of storm that caused Noah to start building. At other times, you feel lost inside a machine. There is no life or movement here, just a bunch of whirring bleeps. It's desolation personified. The Pirate Tom Gribbins isn't your usual Deserted Village fare, but it stands up alongside the best of what they have to offer. This is exactly what I would imagine the electronic side of the collective to sound like. Very nice. 7/10.