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s/t by Amygdala
by Amygdala
Deserted Village : DV6 : 2003
EUR 0.00

The group features Dave Carrol on percussion, Fergus Cullen on guitar (Both of E+S=B), Paul Roe of the Concorde Ensemble on bass clarinet and Gavin Prior on percussion and electronics. Sounds like a Jewish wedding band loosely reinterpreting Bitches Brew among (many) other things.

Recorded in Dublin 5 on 14th June, 2003.
Originally released on CDR in 2003 , Cat# DV6


"Fans of slow, wandering drone clatter and abrasive noise masquerading as free jazz, this one’s for you!" - Lee Jackson, The Broken Face

"Derek Bailey on poppers" - Q Magazine

"Absolutely thrilling; like Slayer and Kajagoogoo locking horns at a Bar Mitzvah" - Joe Duffy

"Utterly Visceral, like a drunken brawl between Borbetomagus and Motley Crue in an abattoir" - The Face

Think Bez from the Happy Mondays administering crack to a menstruating Miles with one hand and a hand shandy to a coked-up Coltrane with the other" – Mojo

"These Bitches brew up a storm in my D-Cup" - Jazz Times

Such an agitated racket can only be likened to Sonny Sharrock welding a donkey to justly-intoned harpsichord with a breathless Albert Ayler skronking encouragement"
-The Wire

"Syd Barret on acid" - Hot Press