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The Soup & The Shilling by The Magickal Folk Of The Faraway Tree
The Soup & The Shilling
by The Magickal Folk Of The Faraway Tree
Deserted Village/Deadslackstring : DV38 : 2010
Double CD + Download
EUR 15

Disc one is comprised of the long out of print "Mildew Leaf" and "Cat's Melodeon" cdrs and disc two is all new material.


There’s always seemed to me a curious but passionate love affair between avant-garde experimentation and austere traditional folksong. Thus it comes as little surprise that United Bible Studies – the Irish free-folk collective whom I constantly bang on about as redefining brilliant - have a deeply trad arm called THE MAGICKAL FOLK OF THE FARAWAY TREE. Their name may sound like a parody but the double CD, The Soup And The Shilling (Deserted Village / deadslackstring) is anything but. The first disc is a re-release of their long-gone CD-rs from the mid 2000s while the second is all new material. It is phenomenal stuff. Just to pick a few of the many highlights: ‘Trelawny’, which moves seamlessly from a plaintive beginning to a screaming end; ‘Here’s A Health To All True Lovers’, with biting sadness in every regretful word; and ‘Blackbirds And Thrushes’, just simply beautiful rustic folk music, sung flawlessly by the incredible Dave Colohan. I’m seriously breathless with how radiant thisCompact Discis.
- Jeannette Leech, Shindig