Deserted Village
Record Label & Live Music Promotion Since 2002

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To contact any of the artists on Deserted Village for interviews, promos or live bookings write to us at desertedvillage(at)

Mailing List

Our mailing list mostly consists of news of shows we put on, tours we're doing, releases on Deserted Village and releases on other labels of DV related projects.

If you live outside of Ireland we won't want to bother you with e-mails about concerts in Ireland. International mailouts are less frequent will keep you equally informed about new releases.

Demo Policy


Every week we get e-mails from musicians who don't understand what we do looking for a record deal. We don't have time to reply but don't like ignoring people. So, before contacting us, consider the following:

If you haven't taken the time to listen to our music why should we take the time to listen to yours?

You can stream and/or download our catalogue to see if your music would fit our label.

If you've never bought a release on our label then maybe it's not a label you want to be on.

It's very obvious when musicians know nothing about the label they're writing to because they don't explain why their music could be a good fit. Try not to waste peoples' time.

Labels always know when a band sends the same generic email to multiple labels - even when you remember to use BCC. If you find your emails aren't being replied to then read Seth Godin's Email Checklist.

If you'd never heard of Deserted Village before you googled "Irish Label" or saw us in the Hot Press Yearbook then why do you want to be on our label?

We get many emails containing the phrase "Music Industry". You should know that Deserted Village is not part of the Music Industry. If you can explain how the Music Industry is actually a force for good for musicians and consumers then please do contact us.

If you describe yourself as "unsigned" you probably don't want to be on Deserted Village. This phrase carries the highly dubious implication that signing to a label is for everybody or a worthwhile goal at all.

Don't get discouraged if/when labels show no interest. If you're reading this you're on the internet so you can start selling your music yourself online and promoting your own gigs right now. That's how we started and we're still doing it.

If you are familiar with our label and think your music might be a good fit then write to us at desertedvillage(at)