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This is what happened when I flipped the scanner lid open and shut rapidly while scanning.


'Fat Baby Blues' by Woven Skull is now a free download.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015 The 'Fat Baby Blues' tape by Woven Skull is now SOLD OUT.
To celebrate,the Skull have asked us to make the download free forever.Thanks for all the support online and more importantly, on the road.

Free Download on Deserted Village.

 Fat Baby Blues

'The Avalon Sutie' EP By Gavin Prior Out Now

Wednesday, 1 April 2015 THE AVALON SUITE EP

"While teaching children English in a hagwon (for-profit evening academy) in Incheon, Korea I was often struck by the bizarre, stilted English in some of the dialogues on the CDs we used for listening classes. I left some choice audio on my hard drive knowing I'd find a use for it some day. The sample used in the first track 'Little Laurie" sounded to me like an inquisitive young Laurie Anderson learning the ways of the world."

Free Download on Deserted Village.


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