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Gavin Prior, Anseo, Dublin 26 April 2009


ONE MORE UNIVERSE | Damo Suzuki Network, Out Now

Tuesday, 15 December 2009 Many of us villagers have had the honour of being Sound Carriers on some of Damo Suzuki's Irish visits. His most recent visit featured the mighty United Bible Studies rhythm section and has just been released on the Irish label Farpoint Recordings.


Strictly Limited Edition - only 500 copies, each numbered

A new full length audio CD from Damo Suzuki featuring Makoto Kawabata with Dublin Sound Carriers Paul Condon, Fergus Cullen, Barry Murphy and Bryan O'Connell.

Special fold-out sleeve with images by Gillian Lawlor.

Pamela Wyn Shannon/The Magickal Folk of the Faraway Tree 7

Wednesday, 18 November 2009 The Blackthorn Tree by our own Magickal Folk Of The Faraway Tree is one half of the Autumn installment of Seasonal Sevens on Autumn Ferment Records. It's red vinyl.The Blackthorn Tree was previously released on the long out of print Mildew Leaf cdr.

It's available from the Autumn Ferment Website.

Magickal-PamWyn split 7

“A Field Day" by Agitated Radio Pilot: Out now on Rusted Rail

Thursday, 8 October 2009
Rusted Rail is pleased to announce the release of “A Field Day” EP, a 6 track EP by Agitated Radio Pilot. The musical project of David Colohan, this conceptual Australian travelogue documents an expanded and folkier line-up of Agitated Radio Pilot featuring Bean Dolan (Resurrection Fern), Eddie Keenan (The Driftwood Manor) and Gary Morrison (The Hollows) assailing such instruments as accordion, melodica, musical saw, bouzouki, banjo, double bass, piano and all manner of guitars. “A Field Day” was recorded throughout 2008/2009 in various locations around Ireland, in empty theatres, sunny living rooms, on a horse farm and whilst snowed in at the foot of mountains. This 3inch hand-stamped EP of ambling acoustica and fireplace folk is housed in a handmade sleeve.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Agitated Radio Pilot “A Field Day” EP
1. A Field Day
2. The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things
3. Sorrow Finds You
4. From the Ghost Gum Glades
5. Far North
6. The Drunken Poet

It's available in our shop and from Rusted Rail



Saturday, 19 September 2009 Aine, Dave & Richard

We had a magical weekend in Amsterdam hosted by Berry and Eva of the Dwars show on VPRO radio. We were treated like kings. We did a session and interview with Berry on Friday and then played a concert on Saturday with Peter Delaney, Big Eye Family Players, Micah Blue Smalldone and Aaron Martin. You can listen to streams of our radio session and concert here.

I'd forgotten how beautiful Amsterdam can be. When I lived in the Netherlands my trips there tended to be short and hedonistic. They last time we were there with Murmansk where we played the Afrika squat in the docks area just behind Centraal Station with the city hidden away, just out of reach. Just a street or two away from the tourist zones you can find the most idyllic village-like neighbourhoods. I think they know they have an amazing city but there's nothing showy about these neighbourhoods. My advice is to get a bike and get lost. I got to stay on for longer because I'd lost my passport. It could have been a lonely anti-climax but I ended up having wandering among the canals as the Dutch drank beer, boating below me. I stumbled upon some wonderful brown bars turning gold in the evening sun: Cafe Kateon and Cafe Nagel. Both are 'heel gezellig' with beautiful barstaff.
Thank you Berry and Eva and thank you Amsterdam.


Aine O'Dwyer: Harp
Dave Colohan: Vocals, Lapsteel, Whistle
Gavin Prior: Guitar, Electronics
Michael Tanner: Bowed Guitar loops, Sampled Armonica
Richard Moult: Piano
Oscar Strik: Percussion

'The Jonah' by United Bible Studies Out Now.

Thursday, 5 March 2009 Hello,
We're delighted to tell you that our new album The Jonah is out now. It was a long time in the making and we hope you think it's been worth the wait.We're also happy to be on the mighty Camera Obscura label. Go to the Camera Obscura site for liner notes and mp3's. You can hear a demo of Death In The Arctic from the album on the UBS myspace. The album is available from the Camera Obscura site and will be available around the world in the coming weeks.

The Jonah, Out now on Camera Obscura

"A cornucopia of sonic delights, traversing the spectrum from delicate folk to sprawling progressive rock. Richard Youngs' progressive rock project Ilk provided the impetus for the band to make a "Prog Album" so they started with the everything-but-the-kitchen- sink opus "The Jonah". Running the gamut from delicate acoustic guitar to Sunn 0))) style doom metal & back again, it's an extraordinary feat of the imagination. Around this central track, a range of shorter tracks orbit, typically acoustic or folk-rock in nature with occasional experimental flourishes, they are characterized by glorious melodies & arrangements and a peerless array of guests. Current 93's Richard Moult provides synth & very David Tibet like vocals to opener "The Swallowing", and help out with the space folk piece "A for Andromeda". Ex Mellow Candle singer Allison O'Donnell provides vocals for several tracks, as does Sharron Kraus."

Agitated Radio Pilot Interview

Friday, 9 January 2009 There's an interview with David Colohan on Evening Of Light in which he talks about his recent travels and the making of World Winding Down.