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New UBS LP: The Arboreal Observatory

Saturday, 20 December 2008 Hello,

Our new album is finally out except that the recordings aren't very new.
It's a 12 inch lathe on the
Humbug label.

We sent Humbug three different albums only to scrap the first two as they just weren't good enough. The release was further delayed by various illnesses and injuries.
It's called The Arboreal Observatory, the third in our instrumental Observatory series. The beautiful arboreal photos are provided by Kate Nolan and Aaron Coyne. It's a mixture of composed and improvised live and studio tracks from various years.
It's available now in our shop.

Arboreal Observatory Cover

Arboreal Observatory insert

Munitions Family Solstice Ritual

Saturday, 22 November 2008 Munitions family Solstice

This will be a free gig starting at 6PM.
A Solstice gift from the family.
Skinny Wolves and Jaako will be DJing as well.

Munitions Family Portrait

Update on the Deadslackstring Catalogue

Monday, 10 November 2008 A message from James at Deadslackstring:

The following releases are out of stock at present through dss. You may be able to order them through an alternative distributor - boa melody bar and Norman Records would be our recommendations!

cjoynes 33
agitated radio pilot - world winding down
united bible studies - the shore that fears the sea
the phoenix cube - ashen skies

All other releases are available via, but may take up to two weeks to supply... if you have any general queries, just let me know, until the new year... james

Wyntr Ravn & Wereju Albums Out Now.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008 Wyntr RavnWereju

Hello again,

Things may have appeared quiet here since the summer but we're starting to bear fruit again at last, grim wyntr fruit no less. Upon returning from the tour I had to find somewhere to live and since Dave went to SE Asia the three of us are now on 3 different continents which has altered our working methods somewhat.
We've got two simultaneous new releases for ye. Daylight Raving is the debut of a new duo of myself and Jane Austen called Wyntr Ravn. It's a split with Austen's new Clean Teeth label. Explanations here:

Wereju was one of several great sets at the Guantanamo Noise Festival in Limerick during the summer. I was moved to finally ask him to do a release with us. It's dark and it's ambient but its beauty will be apparent to the world outside of murky sub-genres.

Wyntr Ravn

Sharron Kraus & United Bible Studies US Tour.

Monday, 9 June 2008 We're pleased to be travelling with our friend Sharron. We'll also be reunited with some old friends en route so please join us at one of these dates.

12/6/2008 NEW YORK: The Knitting Factory
W/ MV+EE, Cryptacize and Ignatz
13/6/2008 Pittsburgh, PA: Modern Formations
w/ Black Forest/Black Sea
14/6/2008 Pennsylvania Furnace, PA: Schlow Centre Library
W/ Evening Fires
16/6/2008 Detroit, MI, Bohemian National
17/6/2008 Chicago: Ronny's W/ CJ Boyd Sextet and Outpost
Louisville, Kentucky: Mellwood Arts Centre
23/6/2008 Blacksburg, VA: House party
24/6/2008 Chapel Hill, NC: Nightlight
25/6/2008 Charlottesville, VA: Tea Bazaar w/ Kohoutek
26/6/2008 Washington, DC: 611 Florida w/ Kohoutek
27/6/2008 Baltimore, MD: THC
28/6/2008 Philadelphia: Honeymoon Cmpd
29/6/2008 New Haven: BAR
w/ Warren Brelsford/Paul Flaherty Duo
30/6/2008 Portsmouth, NH: Red Door w/ Kohoutek
1/7/2008 Providence, RI: Alec's House
w/ Kohoutek and Alec K Redfearn
3/7/2008 Portland, ME: Meg Perry Center
4/7/2008 Boston, MA: Nadav's bbq
5/7/2008 Brooklyn, NY: Schoolhouse W/ Thinguma*Jigsaw
6/7/2008 Northampton, Mass: Montague Bookmill
W/ Thinguma*jigsaw

NB: Our online store will still be taking orders during these dates but there'll be nobody around to post them while we're on tour so be patient or shop around our distributors.

NNM02: Toymonger - Street Trash/The Wierding (C30, 50 copies)

Wednesday, 12 March 2008 T-monger tape

Toymonger are the Dublin based noise duo of Gavin Prior (United Bible Studies) and Andrew Fogarty (Tremors, Boys Of Summer, Bullets) who play an improvised noise racket from Korg synths, contact mic'd sheet metal, mixers, pedals, cymbals played with a bow and tonnes of other items. Street Trash/The Wierding is made up on one side of the very first Toymonger recordings and on the other side of live recordings made on their 2007 UK/Ireland tour with Birds of Delay.

MP3 sample of Side A

Hand-numbered C30 cassette, €5 including postage.

Noise Not Music webshop (paypal)

If you want to pay via cash in the post email:

ARP and UBS in Reissue Fever

Tuesday, 19 February 2008 Agitated Radio Pilot / Nether Dawn split cdr (Pseudoarcana)

Our split lathe LP with Antony Milton in the guise of Nether Dawn has been reissued on his Pseudoarcana label.

ARP/Nether Dawn Split reissue

"A well-matched split between two creators of fragile sounds. Antony Milton's Nether Dawn specializes in post-midnight bleary-eyed drone-lullabies, fuzzed around the edges wails of lonesome frazzled sound. James Kirk of Sandoz Lab Technicians guests on one track. Agitated Radio Pilot contributes creaky nocturnal drones and melancholic lullabies on the flip." - Boa Melody Bar

Airs of Sun & Stone reissue

The live UBS album from 2005 has been reissued by our friend s Deep Water Acres We look forward to meeting them in June!