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Gavin Prior, Anseo, Dublin 26 April 2009


United Bible Studies

Sunday, 25 November 2007 Black colcannon cover

Available now from Ruralfaune

We're delighted that this is out now. Most of the people who buy our albums live outside of Ireland and have never seen us live but this album captures the sound of the expanded UBS live lineup. It features new songs performed over the summer of 2006 as well as an entire set consisting of ecstaic improvising as well as reworking of songs you'll know from The Shore That Fears The Sea. Ruralfaune have done an extravagant job on this too with sweat-glistened live shots included in the handmade package..

UNITED BIBLE STUDIES "Black Colcannon" cdr (ltd 100)

Oversized Sleeve 20X14cm (7,87”x5,5”), closed by a mini pewter square ; 3 exclusive black & white photos included

All-live recording by the fantastic Irish troubadours of the Deserted Village collective. Four tracks plus a long and amazing final medley of 30mn length, Come listen to the beautiful sounds of the acoustic & electric guitar, cuatro, accordion, tin whistle, melodica, keyboards, electronics, percussion, vocals, glockenspiel, vox Celeste, theremin, finger-picked guitar, bass, bugle, tenor sax, slide whistle, soprano sax, trumpet, drums...

Agitated Radio Pilot - World Winding Down 2CD out now

Wednesday, 17 October 2007 World Winding Down Cover

Fresh from DeadSlackString this long-awaited double album is in our shop now. LINK

This album has been over two years in the making and as well as featuring members of live ARP lineups it has contributions from Mirakil Whip, Sharron Kraus, Phosphene, Allison O'Donnell (ex Mellow Candle), Richard Moult, Maya Elliott (Current 93), Richard Skelton and many more. This album sees ARP back in singer/songwriter mode but there are also stark instrumentals, field recordings and atmospheres woven into this album representing the more ethereal ARP.
A work of spectral, cyclical luminescence!

An Taobh Tuathail

Saturday, 1 September 2007 ATT

This is a compilation assembled by Cian O Ciobhain, presenter of An Taobh Tuathail on Radio na Gaeltachta and Keith Downey of the Psychonavigation label.
Cian has championed our music for years now and Columba's Song by United Bible Studies from The Shore That Fears The Sea is included on this compilation.

An Taobh Tuathail has been broadcasting the cream of underground music from around the globe on RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta/ANOCHT FM since May 1999. West Kerry native Cian Ó Cíobháin, who has been presenting the show since its very first broadcast, selects the music Mondays to Fridays, 11pm-1am.

The disc will be launched with two shows in Galway and Dublin featuring the ilk of Cane 141 & Chequerboard, who are featured on the compilation. They will be performing live in the Róisín Dubh, Galway on Friday 24th August and in Dublin's Sugar Club on Saturday 25th.

The album can be ordered directly from Psychonavigation

Thinguma*jigSaw - (awakeinwhitechapel)

Thursday, 26 July 2007 We are proud to present the smashing debut album of the magnificent twosome Thinguma*jigSaw. The album, entitled (awakeinwhitechapel), is the 33rd release on Deserted Village.

Cover of album Insert from album

It features twelve original compositions, and a cover of Daniel Johnston's "Walking the cow". The album is produced by Nicky Coghlan and mastered by Steve Fanagan (Northstation). The artwork and design is by Little Myth Epiphanynmph and the liner notes are written by American songwriting genius Mike "Sport" Murphy. This album will be released in Ireland very soon and the official Dublin launch concert will take place in the Lower Deck on sunday the 29th of July. The album is beautiful, fragile, introverted and delightfully puzzling.

For those of you who crave the frantic live-energy of Thinguma*jigSaw, there is a special treat: there is a limited edition of the album available with a live cd-r featuring recordings from Dublin's Hotel Ballymun and Galway's de Burgos. These live-cdr's will only be sold from this website and at Thinguma*jigsaw gigs Each single copy features unique illustrations by Little Myth Epiphanymph. To get a small taste of the magic of (awakeinwhitechapel) please visit and listen to the first available track from the album.

We at Deserted Village believe this album will exceed your expectations.

Tour Dates:
25th of July - Tikki Lounge, Cork
27th of July - 6PM in-store Road Records, Dublin
27th of July - Boom Boom Room w/Agitated Radio Pilot, Sharron Kraus, Alison O'Donnell, Dublin
28th of July - in-store HMV, Galway
28th of July - Stressbusk at the Spanish Arch, Galway
29th of July - The grand LAUNCH AND FAREWELL concert at the Lower Deck, Dublin

Toymonger "The Nightvision" LP out now

Friday, 29 June 2007 Toymonger Night Vision artwork

After 2 and a half years playing together comes the debut release from Toymonger. It was recorded in one day in April 2006. It's a Munitions Village release (Munitions Family X Deserted Village)It has 4 long, slow heavy tracks of creaking dark ambience. Each copy comes in hand assembled stenciled covers.The Monger are just back from their UK/IRL tour with Birds of Delay and the album is in the shop now.

Hear an excerpt of track 1; Saltmists

Samara lubelski, Thinguma*jigsaw, Rebecca Collins, Mahood Dublin: June 27th

Tuesday, 12 June 2007 They're playing in the Boom Boom room on Wednesday June 27th. See our gigs section for details.

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Samara is a native new Yorker and has been a fixture in the east coast underground for over ten years in such outfits as Hall of Fame, Tower Recordings. She has been touring extensively as a solo performer and as a collaborator with Tara Jane O'Neil and the MV/EE Medicne Show.
As well as recording her own material she has worked on records by Magik Markers, Fiery Furnaces, Sightings and Double leopards. She also plays violin on the new Thurston Moore solo album, due this autumn.Her latest album is Spectacular of Passages on The Social Registry

Samara's other Irish dates:
28 June Crane Lane Theatre, Cork City
29 June Pine Lodge, Myrtleville County Cork

A couple of more albums to download on Last FM

Monday, 11 June 2007 We've added two more out-of-print albums to our Last FM page. Both are available as free full length downloads.

"In Goldsmith Country" by Agitated Radio Pilot was originally released on DeadSlackString records. The other album is a split release from Peter Wright, The North Sea and Agitated Radio Pilot. This one came out on Deserted Village in 2005 but has been out of print for some time now.

Cover of the Peter Wright/North Sea/Agitated Radio Pilot split cdr

Agitated Radio Pilot/Nether Dawn Split LP in our Shop now.

Friday, 1 June 2007 Three shots of the ARP/Nether Dawn split lp

We've got a few copies of the second and final run of our split lathe LP with the PseudoArcana CEO. Beautiful it is too with individually hand-printed/ painted covers by United Fairy Moons Jim Currin. Once these are gone, that's it, it's over unless there are still some left at

EDIT: The lathes are now sold out.

Juniper Meadows
We also found a handful of the Juniper meadows cdr which was listed as out of print.

New Release: 'Songs On Irish Poetry' by Gustavo Benavides

Monday, 7 May 2007 The latest Deserted Village release (Number 31) is a CDR by Gustavo Benavides called Songs On Irish Poetry. Gustavo is from Argentina and has released six albums already. For this latest one he has set a few poems by Irish poets to music and he sings them with the backing only of his guitar. The songs and arrangements here are simple and uncluttered so that the melodies and poems are never overshadowed. This is available now in the shop.

Cover of Gustavo Benavides' Album

Blessing (John Montague)
Irish Street Scene With Lovers (John Montague)
The Planter`s Daughter (Austin Clarke)
Prelude (J.M.Synge)
I`m Ireland (Padraic Pearse) mp3
I See His Blood Upon A Rose (Joseph Mary Plunkett)
Christ`s Bounty (Anonymous - 8th century) mp3
The Everlasting Voices (William Yeats) mp3

Agitated Radio Pilot On Tour

Sunday, 25 March 2007 Agitated Radio Pilot will be going on tour around Ireland during the Easter break. Dates as follows:

06 Apr 2007 (8:00) House gig w/ Johnny Moynihan. Leitrim, Leitrim
07 Apr 2007 (8:00) The Stables, Mullingar w/ Roesy
08 Apr 2007 (8:00) The Gallery Cafe, Gort, Galway
10 Apr 2007 (8:00) The Sky & The Ground, Wexford, Wexford
11 Apr 2007 (8:00) Stress @ De Burgos, Galway w/ Yawning Chasm
13 Apr 2007 (8:00) The Corkscrew Winebar, Gorey, wexford w/ Robert Blake
14 Apr 2007 (8:00) Underground @ Baker Place, Limerick w/ Robert Blake

Agitated Radio Pilot playing a bin in a dank shed

Murmansk Have Made Another Album

Sunday, 4 March 2007 Murmansk have a new album out on Foxglove called Murmansk Live. The first track was recorded in Warrington (uk) in 2005 while the other two tracks were recorded in 2004 and Belgium and Holland (see photos here).

From the foxglove website:
"another gem from the land of ireland graces us with this live document from deserted village pawnpins, murmansk. always a group to be steeped in organic excesses, these three live performances (culled from three separate dates in 2004 and 2005) show off the group's multiple personalities. the creaking and scraping from a bevy of bowed strings is apparent, but unlike many previous releases is accompanied by a smattering of electronics. this darkness is an unexpected treat. it's like being caught unexpectedly in the rough seas of the north atlantic: dense and choppy and there's no end to what lurks below. 100 copies."

Murmansk wasiting in antwerpSean in antwerpShane in antwerpGav in antwerpR.O.T in antwerpDave and Johnny in antwerp

Murmansk have no plans to undertake a promotional tour.

Deserted Village article on Terrascope Online

Saturday, 17 February 2007 There is an interview with Villagers Dave and Gavin on Terrascope Online. Read it here.

United Bible Studies will be playing at the Terrascope Tea Party on April 21st in Oxford (UK). Tara Jane O'Neill, Sharron Kraus, Rob Sharples and Show Without Punch are also on the bill.

Agitated Radio Pilot/Nether Dawn split LP Out Now

Sunday, 21 January 2007 ARP/Nether Dawn split Lathe 12

We don't have any in stock ourselves so go straight to the source at
After years of preparation the long rumoured split lathe makes its appearance! Beautiful it is too with individually hand-printed/ painted covers by United Fairy Moons Jim Currin. Irishman Dave Colohan's Agitated Radio Pilot project brings us a suite of sad sweet beautiful folk drones called 'The Ghost of Medb'.Said ghost shimmers and weeps diamond tears over the course of this side.
On the other side Antony Milton's Nether Dawn presents 'Under Your Night'. This consists of a song that is gradually enveloped in electronically treated noise violin before departing for hummier and droney aires and a live rock out (accompanied by James Kirk) for the final movement.
All hand etched into clear acetate by the infamous Peter King.
Lathe Cut LP NZ$25 (Edition of 60)

ARP "Last Orders...." and "Light is Coming...." Sold Out

Sunday, 14 January 2007 These were released on DV in editions of 20 but demand was such that even more had to me made.
We're now out of them completely but they'll be in Boa Melody Bar soon. Boa is one of soundest mailorders out there - fair to punter and labels alike - We endorse them heartily.

Black Box Recordings - Eight Transmissions from an Agitated Radio Pilot

Friday, 5 January 2007 Hello again. Happy new year and welcome to the future....
Last year was a busy one for Agitated Radio Pilot and Tony Dale has written a round-up of last years releases on the Deep Water Acres site.

There are currently two ARP releases approaching completion for 2007.