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Murmansk, Brussels, July 2004.


Goodbye to this old year

Tuesday, 19 December 2006 Hello Everyone,

We’ve been getting some good responses about our new free downloads These are for life and not just for Christmas. We'll be adding more releases including some download only things in the future.

Rusted Rail have got the jump on us with this download only Agitated Radio Pilot EP. It's got some whirling joyous vocals on it a nice contrast to the sparser (lonelier?) recent releases.

They’ve also got a downloadable Christmas EP featuring our own Magickal Folk and Phanton Dog Beneath the Moon.

2006 has been an intense year for us: We played a lot of gigs, recordings of which should start to come out next year on the many labels who've offered to release our music.

We recorded hours of ecstatic collaboration while on tour with Ben Reynolds and Nalle which was a joyous and fruitful time. We hope to release this whenever we get around to editing it.

Work on the follow-up to The Shore that Fears the sea got off to a flying start when we locked ourselves away in the midlands for two weeks in late 2005.
Due to other projects and booking and playing so many gigs, We've only worked on it in fits and starts. Myself and Shane have been working like dogs in the studio all week up here in Dublin on the next UBS album. Dave has been obsessing over the ARP World Winding Down album with our friends over in Galway. Both projects are nearing completion. I'll almost be sorry to take a break for the Holidays.

I've also mastered the debut (after two years) album of Toymonger; my Noise/drone Duo with Bullets (Andy from Tremors). This should be the first Village cdr of the new year.

We are all super excited about the UBS live album "Black Colcannon" It's from 3 different concerts recorded this year on tour with Nalle & Ben Reynolds and Circle. It has brand new songs we've only played live and reworkings of songs from the shore album. It'll be out on Ruralfaune in the
new year. As UBS we play live a lot but rarely outside of Ireland where very few people buy our records.
We're looking forward to having all of you around the world who've supported us hearing this recordings because they mean a lot to us.

There'll also be a 12" UBS lathe cut from Humbug which is looking to be mixture of live and studio material but that could change.............

In 2007 We'll be playing less gigs and booking less gigs for other people.It's time to take stock and come up with ideas for new records and finish older ones.
We haven't forgotten about the reissue of the first two Magickal Folk releases either and there will be another album of all new MF stuff too, We promise!

A lot of our plans get twisted and waylaid by what life throws at us but we'll be entering 2007 with a renewed sense of purpose.

All that remains is to thank all of you who supported us, played us on yer shows & podcasts released our music, told your friends about it and wrote to us with your thoughts on the releases we've sweated over.

On behalf of everyone at Deserted Village I wish you all a peaceful Festival of Light and a great new Year.


Piratio - The Snakes In Her Arms Make War (Mix)

Sunday, 17 December 2006 Hello,

I'm mentioning this because Piratio is an old friend of the Village from when he lived in Galway. Now based in Brighton, he's hooked up with the Net-Lab label and has made a downloadable mix including our own Toymonger.

 Piratio's Mix

NL018 - Piratio - The Snakes In Her Arms Make War (Mix)

An eclectic mix of tracks compiled by Irish born, Brighton based Piratio. Incorporating elements of classic audio exploration including Lucier�s "I am sitting in a room" (I am sitting in a room different from the one you are in now�), tracks from Wolf Eyes, Black Dice, Sonic Youth and all thrown in with work built by Piratio himself - Net Lab

Click the artwork to visit the Net-Lab site.

Anahita (Tara Burke, Helena Espvall) on sale now.

Thursday, 14 December 2006 Our latest cdr is in the shop now.

Anahita Cover

It's the first release from the duo of Tara Burke(Fursaxa) and Cellist Helena Espvall-Santorleri. It's three tracks will sound familiar to Fursaxa fans but the cello and extra female vocals provide more undertows to the slow whirl..........
The art is a luscious painting by Helena's husband Paul.

NB: We won't be shipping any orders from Saturday 23rd of December until January the third. You can still place orders but we won't be checking our e-mails too much. The Irish Postal Service is always slow this time of year and yours might be two so don't worry if orders are a bit late

Agitated Radio Pilot: At The First Sign Of Frost

Sunday, 10 December 2006 Cover of At The First Sign Of Frost

At The First Sign Of Frost by Agitated Radio Pilot was originally released on cassette in 1997 and was later reissued as a CDR Dead Slack String. It has been unavailable for a couple of years but can now be downloaded for free from our Last Fm page.

More Agitated Radio Pilot CDRs

Wednesday, 22 November 2006 Dave writes:

Hello all,

When you head out west from Galway city with the Aran Islands to your left, it is not long until you come across a landscape that resembles nothing so much as photographs of the Martian landscape. . Keith, Maeve & I were heading out to the Coral Beach outside Carraroe, a place both desolate & beautiful. It was bitterly cold & the tide was coming in. A few fishing boats slipped about in the waning light & a group of divers appeared out of the water nearby. Connemara is beautiful at any time of year. There can be few places in Ireland with such a wealth of places to lose yourself. I was reminded of the yearly camping trip my friends from home & I make every June down to the Renvyle Peninsula...hiking across mountains....usually towards a pub....

When we got back to the city a bright yellow full moon kept its fat lookout over the old town below & I thought of seals I had seen swimming in the Claddagh....I used to live in Galway many years ago & it is only now as an occasional visitor that I truly appreciate the place.

I'm happy to let you know that there are a few new ARP releases...

LAST ORDERS AT THE ONE TREE HOTEL is a 20 minute odd EP and available now as a Deserted Village release thru our website & soon thru Boa Melodybar in a limited handmade edition of 20.

THE LIGHT IS COMING FROM YOU is a collection of live recordings drawn from our tour with Charalambides in July of this year. Mainly song based it features versions of songs on YOUR TURN TO GO IT ALONE & the forthcoming WORLD WINDING DOWN. It is another Deserted Village release in an edition of 20 & available thru the Village shop & soon thru Boa Melodybar also.

A PREMONITION is now available as a free downloadable EP on Rusted Rail.

And a new review of THE DAYS & HILLS GROWN OLD is up on Terrascope Online.

Agitated Radio Pilot - A Drifting Population

Friday, 17 November 2006 Cover of A Drifting Population

A Drifting Population by Agitated Radio Pilot is now back in print and available to buy in our shop. These probably wont last very long.

"Semi-improvised electric guitar melancholia inspired by rambling through the Australian outback. Also features a haunting piano impromptu recorded in an abandoned house somewhere in the outback."

Deserted Village on Last FM

Sunday, 29 October 2006 We've made a couple of old DV albums available on Last FM. Visit our (unloved) Last FM label page to listen to the full albums. We'll hopefully get more up soon.

Townparks Foundry is a duo of Ian MacPartland and David Colohan of Agitated Radio Pilot. "A Vista Opens" is their only album to date and was recorded in 2002/2003. Its an a-ha inspired album of electronic pop songs. Hardly any copies were made of this CDR so hopefully some more people will get to hear it now.

"St. Warna's Arrival" by The Cosmic Nanou is a short collection of psych/pop/folk songs chronicling the history of the earth, from Creation to the Apocalypse, as it was revealed to The Cosmic Nanou during a vision experienced whilst observing the summer solstice on a drizzle-swept Atlantic archipelago. This album is still available in the shop should you wish to purchase it.

***UPDATED: Nov 10th***
The following albums are now available as FREE full length downloads from lastfm:

Murmansk (DV1)
V/A - Music From The Deserted Village (DV2)
Townparks Foundry - A Vista Opens (DV3)
The Pirate Tom Gribbins (DV13)

2 New releases: Agitated Radio Pilot & Children of the Stones

Thursday, 5 October 2006 cover of agitated radio pilots new album

The first of these releases (available now in the shop) is a brand new CDR from Agitated Radio Pilot called "The Days And Hills Grown Old". Heres a description lifted from the Pilot's Myspace blog:

I am immeasurably proud of this one and it represents a much more haunted incarnation of the Pilot. The exception to this is the massive central track which we played and recorded whilst supporting Sunroof! some time back. I think there were about 11 of us on the Lazybird stage that night....Man, the white lights were shining . Let it be known that Matthew Bower and Michael Flower are gentlemen of the highest degree and brought out the best in our ragged ensemble. I have since become obsessed with everything Bower related and I recommend you check out some of the Sunroof! cds...or indeed anything by Skullflower or The Hototogisu....Wrap yer retinas in gauze and fill yer ears with honey

  Children of the Stones album cover

Two years of recording and another two years of post-production have gone into crafting "The Bright Day Is Gone" - the debut CDR from Children Of The Stones. Now at last it is finished and ready to ship. This is a dazzling concept album of Piano-Poptronic power ballads set in a post-apocalyptic night-time world in which the past and the future are embroiled in a desperate race for the last place aboard the last refugee ship to outer space, due to leave the planet at dawn from the South Pole (but maybe from the North). And for the loser? Nothing less than ABSOLUTE extinction.

All Shows with Josephine Foster Cancelled

Tuesday, 27 June 2006 United Bible Studies were scheduled to play some shows around Ireland in August. Due to Unforseen Circumstances Josephine has had to cancel all her UK and Irish dates. Josephine and ourselves really regret this but she'll be back here in the future.

New Murmansk CDR on DV out now.

Tuesday, 14 March 2006 Cover of new murmansk album

Finally another Murmansk album, once again too inscrutable for a title. Recorded in early 2004, this marks the move towards increasingly alien, electronic territory. This is the most harsh and austere Murmansk release yet.

We Are Knives and E+S=B videos on

Tuesday, 14 March 2006 The We are Knives video is from Fri January 13th when they slayed in the Boom Boom Room. The E+S=B footage is from the Ballroom of Romance (11.02.05)

Check it out:

Myspace fever in the Village

Monday, 13 March 2006 These sites have mp3s not found here so help yerselves. Be our friend, please.

"The Northern Lights and The Northern Dark" - New United Bible Studies Release on Rusted Rail

Sunday, 25 June 2006 This is a new 3" cdr on the brand new Irish Label Rusted Rail. Here's what they said about it:

"Irelands premier free-folk collective have delivered an e.p. which takes in pastoral psychedelic grooves, free improv, bijou songform and stellar acappella spell weaving. United Bible Studies are adept at conjuring spirits and speaking in voices and the cover image of this release features a Mayan astronaut, an apt icon for these sonic explorers."

Available from Rusted Rail and in very soon in our shop.

United Bible Studies Interview on Deepwater Acres

Monday, 15 May 2006 Kevin Moist plays in the Clear Spots and did this interview with Dave, Gavin and James over many weeks.
It's fairly exhaustive and might answer some of your questions and more besides.

Read it at

United Bible Studies album launch and tour with Larkin Grimm Tour

Friday, 10 March 2006 Join us as we send our album out into the world. This night also marks the Irish debut of Larkin Grimm from Rhode Island who'll be joining us for a short tour, dates below.. Her new album "Harpoon" is out on her local label Secret Eye run by our old friends Black Forest/Black Sea.

Pigeon Food
Patch it up

"Larkin's intense, ecstatic voice with swirling multi-tracked patterns recalls the richness of Illuminations-period Buffy Sainte-Marie and the sparkle of Linda Perhacs. Her instrumentation includes duclimer, pennywhistle, bells, drums and guitar. Larkin was previously a member of the Dirty Projectors (Western Vinyl) where she astounded audiences with her mesmerizing voice. She has also played shows with folks such as Entrance, the Microphones, Old Time Relijun and her brother Joe Grimm's project the Wind Up Bird. Larkin also toured with Viking Moses following her performance with him at the Arthur Festival in Los Angeles. Larkin Grimm is a very special artist and Harpoon is a truly magical recording."

Friday March 17th: Dublin
UBS album Launch, Larkin Grimm, Miriam Ingram Bluefood
The Boom Boom Room, Conways Parnell st, Dublin 1, 9PM €8

Saturday March 18th: Galway
UBS, Larkin Grimm, The Terribles and Phantom Dog beneath the Moon.
Richardsons Bar. 9PM €5

Sunday March 19th: Limerick
Larkin Grimm, Eachtra, UBS and El bastardo
Riddlers Bar, Upstairs, 9PM €6

Monday March 20th: Cork
Larkin Grimm, UBS, Eachtra. Tikki Lounge, Upstairs at Cashmans bar. Adm Free.