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United Bible Studies in Ballymahon, (County Longford) at the Music From the Deserted Village Festival in June 2002.


Murmansk play the 2nd Warrington Improv Festival

Friday, 27 May 2005 Also playing:
RPM - Keith Rowe, Chris Potter and Phil Mouldycliffe
The Grew Trio
Swung Dash
Psychiatric Challenge
Graham Clarke String Quartet
18 June 2005 (Saturday).
Daytime session: 12:00 till 17:00 (free entrance) Evening session: 19:30 till 23:00 (?.00 tickets)

The Pyramid Arts Centre,Cultural Quarter, Palmyra square, Warrington

Temple Bar Gallery Atrium Performance 17th June

Saturday, 28 May 2005 Gavin Prior, Bryan O'Connell and Jurgen Simpson will be among the Musicians participating in a unique performancce on all three floors of the atrium at Temple Bar Gallery and Studios. This will become the creative space for a number of Dublin & Cork sound artists and improvisers to interact with the architecture and each other in a way that allows the audience the freedom to move between the various layers of the work, thus creating their own 'mix'.

We've been assured that this will be over in time to catch Wolf Eyes later this evening.

This is part of "Volume 2" a week of sound from 13 - 19 June 2005. It starts with a trio performance from Max Eastley and our friends David Lacey and Paul Vogel.

Full details

United Bible Studies play the Leechrum festival

Friday, 6 July 2005 30-31 July, 2005 Tickets 25 euro presale and 30 euro at Gate
Tickets are available from festival organisers (contact

United Bible Studies have just accepted an invitation to play at this years Leechrum Festival. We'll upload more details as we get them.

This Fest (in it's second year) looks to be a good one and has a truly eclectic line-up representing pockets of the Irish underground and all sorts of music from overseas including Mogwai.

Leechrum mini fest is a small non-commercial, non-sponsored alternative music festival in the heart of County Leitrim. Last year was our first and turned out to be very successful due to fine weather, hard work and help of great friends along the way. The festival is located on a wonderful site of 20 acres with views of Sliabh Ainiran Mtn where the first faeries to land on Ireland arrived...

Magickal Folk of the Faraway Tree back in Print

Thursday, 5 July 2005 "The mildew Leaf" is finally back in print. Thanks for your patience with the pre-orders. It's in an edition of 100 cdrs. The surface of each disk is hand illustrated.

The next release by the Magickal Folk will be a 3 inch cdr called "The Cat's Melodeon" and will also be on Deserted Village. This is one of several releases that has been delayed by our live schedule. We're cutting down on gigs so watch this space...

cover of the mildew leaf

United Bible Studies - The Solar Observatory

Wednesday, 3 August 2005 Released on 23 Productions

This won't be in any Irish shops. We'll get a handful to sell at gigs but we've muck-all gigs coming up. This is unlike anything UBS have recorded before or since. Two long tracks. The first is an epic dirge of pulsing feedback loops, synths, riffing cellos and moany vocal mantras. The title track is a semi-improvised instrumental based on potentially-irritating high-pitched broken glass loops leading to solar meltdown. This is The darkest United Bible Studies release yet, We even wore our cloaks in the studio.

Here's how 23 productions describe it:

"Sonic day dreamers from Ireland's Deserted Village collective, take things a few steps further outside with this release. Tranquil soundscapes are now assaulted and made dirty with profuse effects and madman mantra rants cycles. Still there is no mistaking this unit's aptitude in pastoral and elemental psychedelia, but this recording shows their beast in the full light of the sun."

Cover of the solar observatory

Josephine Foster/ Mi & L'au/United Bible Studies Irish Tour...

Monday, 8 August 2005 ...followed by a United Bible Studies tour of Scotland.

Those of you who saw Josephine play in Ireland will understand how absolutely psyched we are to announce 4 more dates in the last week of August. She's an opera school drop out with an incredible voice that has to be heard live and such beautiful songs too.....

If Josephine told us she was bringing GG Allen on tour it couldn't detract from our enjoyment. The good news is she's Bringing French-Finnish duo Mi & L'au along. We got a promo of their album and it's sweet. Sweet enough to be released on Michael Gira's Young God label in the Autumn. Of course this was the first label to release Devandra Banhart, so check 'em out now or pay €29.50 to see in them in the Village next year.

A tenner is a bit more than we normally charge but the Dublin date differs from the others because UBS will be the backing band for Lancashire Avant-Folker Daniel P Quinn. He's like Mark E Smith getting out in the fresh air checking out standing stones- Hard to imagine, I know. Daniel is bringing Duncan, his 60 year old narrator who, when filled with beer expels wit & wisdom. So, thats a lot of travelling musicians to care for in one night. We'll be playing with Daniel again the following weekend in Scotland

What Michael Gira has to say about Mi & L'au.

Josephine Foster's Site

Suilven: Daniel Patrick Quinns Label

The Magickal Folk Of The Faraway Tree - The Cats Melodeon

Tuesday, 20 September 2005 Cover of the cats melodeon

Thanks for your patience with the pre-orders everyone.
We were dying to get this and the new UBS out but were having paypal troubles and were too busy playing gigs to fix them.

The Folk return at last with another batch of folk songs from their travels. From Cornish Rebel songs to bawdy carousing this three inchpacks a lot into it's 7 tracks. 3" cdr in handmade packaging in an edition of 150.

United Bible Studies - "Airs of Sun and Stone"

Tuesday, 20 September 2005 United Bible Studies (DV22) €8.50
"Airs of Sun and Stone"

Cover of airs of sun and stone

A Drifting live set recorded in the beautiful acoustics of St Johns Church, Limerick. An untypical UBS set from a stripped down 4tet line up of 2 guitars, percussion and Harp. The concert took place in the morning so the Students tuned down to C for a looser vibe. Numbered edition of 150 cdrs in jewel cases with unique hand-assembled packaging involving string, candle wax bits of wood and hande-made paper - hence the price hike.

News Round-up

Tuesday, 20 September 2005 Hello, It's been an intense few weeks for us with lots of UBS live action after a relatively quiet summer. We travelled in the fine company of Josephine Foster, Mi & L'au, Daniel Patrick Quinn & Duncan Grahl, Eachtra, Kitchen Cynics, Thacull. We were a different band in every town; losing and gaining members as vagaries dictated. Thanks to all who came to see us around Ireland and Scotland, It was nice meeting ye. We stoked up a good momentum on these dates cullminating in one guy seeing a ghost above our heads in Aberdeen. Possibly the proudest moments of our career..........

This may go some to explain why it took so long to remedy our paypal problems and get new releases on sale. We'll be taking it easy on the live front and spending Autumn in the warmth of the studio. We'll squeeze out a few more releases on our own and other labels.

Villagers will join Damo Suzuki on his Irish Tour with Z'ev and The Last Sound

Wednesday, 2 March 2005 For a few years now, Damo Suzuki has been on an endless tour recrossing continents to play with local "sound carriers" who volunteer to jam via e-mail. (see

Last year at Mor, the sacred quests of the Villagers and Damo collided, surpassing all expectations. Weapons of Mass Destruction were expanded into the WMD Arkestra to Headline Mor with Damo. Not content with a 50 minute set on the main stage, Damo went on to rock the Mor after party in Joe Lees beer garden in Tullamore. United Bible Studies, Adem, Rod, Jamie Davis (Drums) and some random talented locals helped him tear the arse out of the place. With no PA, we cranked all the amps to ten, kicked over some beer kegs for extra percussion and burned it up. People Hollered, clapped, grooved, moshed and danced in tongues in a tribal percussive free for all. It was beautiful. We're thrilled to be playing with dynamo Damo again. See you on the road..............

New Village CDR from E+S=B (Electronic Sensoria Band)

Saturday, 26 February 2005 "Inhale the Sound", from Electronic Sensoria Band..., is on sale in the shop now. It's in an edition of 40 with sublime Blue Note/Commodore 64 artwork and a free button badge.

Cover of E+S=B album

New Village CDR from Paul G. Smyth - The Anaesthetic

Friday, 25 February 2005 'The Anaesthetic' documents a set of improvised piano pieces, performed in an unlit concert in the spring of 2004. Intense and accomplished, they're presented here in the order of performance, and should be considered one complete work. As painterly as any of Smyth's visual work, this is nervous-system music with a long memory and fast heart.

Paul G. Smyth (b.1976) is a musician, composer and artist living in Dublin. A member of 9-piece instrumental rock band The Jimmy Cake, Smyth has also performed with Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Charles Gayle, Barry Guy, Keiji Haino, Philip Wachsmann and John Russell, to name a few.

Cover of Paul Smyth's album

Deserted Village Presents... James Blackshaw, Josephine Foster & Peter Wright - LIVE!!!

13th March 2005 (Sunday).
@ Lazybird, Dublin. Doors 7:30, €5.
Since there are 4 acts,this will be an early show, doors open 7pm.

12th March 2005 (Saturday).
@ Nun's Island Arts Centre, Galway. Doors 7:30, €6.

Josephine Foster

As a solo artist and as one half of the avant-folk duo Born Heller (who played at this years All Tomorrow¡¯s Parties festival), Chicago¡¯s Josephine Foster is an absolute gem! The balmy influence of her beautiful, fragmented Appalachian folk songs overflow with a child-like sincerity, heartbroken sorrow and a warm-heartedness sure to charm even the most surly and jaded of us all. Foster's simple songwriting and soaring, almost operatic vocals have fairly been compared to English folk-music legend Shirley Collins, but Vashti Bunyan, Elizabeth Cotten and The Kossoy Sisters also seem good points of reference here, playing ukulele, banjo, guitar and harp amongst other instruments. After three gorgeous self-released solo recordings and albums with Born Heller and "rock'n'roll" group The Supposed under her belt, Foster looks set to release her first official solo-album on Locust Music in April 2005.
For more info see:

James Blackshaw

23-year old London-based guitarist James Blackshaw¡¯s playing sounds as inspiring as the Adirondacks (or Appalachians or the Sierra Nevadas). Put quite simply, there's a new finger picker in town, and he smokes in a post Robbie Basho way that will have you Jack Rose fans tripping over your tongues reaching for new ostentatious descriptions to wow the hip masses with.
Blackshaw's twelve-string fairly rattles along, resonating to produce unbridled raga-like flurries, bursting with energy, yet harnessed with enough melodic definition to their fluid motions. There can be no doubt that this guy really can play. His debut album 'Celeste' was released on Campbell Kneale's (AKA Birchville Cat Motel) Celebrate Psi Phenomenon label in late 2004 and was quickly followed by the drone/raga epic 'Lost Prayers and Motionless Dances' on Digitalis Industries. A split-album with US-based free-folk collective Davenport is due out on Static Records in February 2005.

Peter Wright

Peter Wright has been a highly prolific and important figure in the New Zealand underground music scene for years and a true innovator in the realms of minimal drone-based experimentation. Currently residing in London, 2004 saw the release of Wright¡¯s long-running collaboration with Finland¡¯s Uton on Digitalis Industries and re-issues of ¡®Desolation Beauty Violence¡¯ on Foxglove and ¡®Distant Bombs¡¯ on Last Visible Dog, which has been regarded by many as an essential album in it¡¯s genre. Using a mixture of organic instrumentation such as 12-string electic guitar in open tunings, violin and suspended bottles with field recordings and some minor computer manipulation, Wright creates incredibly sad, beautiful and hypnotic soundscapes.

New Village CDR from Peter Wright, The North Sea and Agitated Radio Pilot

Friday, 4 February 2005 Village CDR number 16 is a 3-way split CDR featuring Peter Wright, The North Sea and Agitated Radio Pilot. It is available in the shop now. The track list is as follows:

(1) Plume
(2) Coruscation
(3) Heat Haze

(4) Embroidered Copper
(5) Batik,
(6) Kaleidoscope Silk Print
(7) Ferns Pressed In Paper

(8) Broken Hill
(9) For Karen Ava
(10) Umberumberka

Cover of holt album

Deserted Village Presents... Pumice - LIVE!!!

26th January 2005 (Wednesday).
@ Voodoo Lounge, Dublin. Doors 8pm, €6.

29th January 2005 (Saturday).
@ Richardsons, Galway. Doors 8pm, €6.

Pumice has been Stefan Neville's main musical vehicle since the early 1990s, Operating over the years in New Zealand cities Hamilton, Dunedin and Auckland.

2004 saw the release of the new album Raft on U.S. label Last Visible Dog records. The culmination of three months solitary house sitting, a heavy winter, and a newly serviced eight-track tape machine, Raft collects a new set of one-man band compositions, improvisations and experiments.

As usual multiple instruments are played at once and for Raft Stefan used drums, pump organ, small silver guitar, bass, farfisa organ, bambino organ, intercoms, stage echo, holden spring reverb, buzz box, ukelele, heavy metal pedal, brown teisco guitar, hollow teisco guitar, witcyst tapeloop, vocal, kawasaki keyboard and karangahape rd.

In February 04 Pumice performed in Australia and toured with the What Is Music festival of international experimental music playing in Brisbane and Melbourne. Pumice has played shows with Jad Fair, The Breeders, Birchville Cat Motel, Lovely Midget, Tetuzi Akiyama, Antony Milton, Bonnie Prince Billy, Chris Knox, and Armpit.

Stefan is part of a healthy community of unorthodox/experimental New Zealand musicians and In addition to solo efforts as Pumice collaborates with contemporaries including Witcyst, Wendy House, Campbell Kneale, C.J.A, Tall Dwarfs, Antony Milton and Matt Middleton on a range of recording and performance projects and bands.

coquettish (1.1mb) from "platterplus" (CDR/Cassette 2001)
perils (512k) from "white" (CD 2002)