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Eachtra Riddlers, Limerick, March 2006


New Sean Og CDR on Foxy

Monday, 6 December 2004 "Unevenings is the name of Sean Og's latest album which is on Foxy Digitalis

Deserted Village Presents... Sunburned Hand Of The Man - LIVE!!!

Friday, 12 November 2004 Sunburned Hand Of The Man will play three dates in Ireland in December. Details as follows:

Sunburned Hand of the Man, United Bible Studies, Boxes
10th Dec 2004 (Friday)
@ BoomboomRoom, Dublin. €10

Sunburned Hand of the Man, United Bible Studies
11th Nov 2004 (Saturday)
@ the High Stool, Limerick. €5.

Sunburned Hand of the Man, United Bible Studies
12th Nov 2004 (Sunday)
@ Nancy Spains, Cork. €10

United Bible Studies/ Tremors Split CDR.

Tuesday, 16 November 2004 There's a split CDR of United Bible Studies and Tremors on Munitions Family. Both bands contributions are live recordings recorded in 2004.

Village related CDRs on Slo Loris

Sunday, 14 November 2004 Cover of Imaginary East Of Longford Cover of Huntly Town

Steve Fanagan has put out CDRs by AGITATED RADIO PILOT and UNITED BIBLE STUDIES on his 3" CDR label Slo Loris. The UBS one is called "Huntley Town. Here's what Norman Records had to say about it...

"This is another lovely sounding thing on a label which continues to impress me. It's really interesting sounding folky stuff that, it has to be said, a hell of a lot more interesting than, say James Yorkston. It sounds.............genuine. I'm not saying that JY isn't but this sounds like it was made in a cave by a man with only an acoustic guitar for company."

The Agitated Radio Pilot CDR is called "Imaginary East Of Longford". Heres what Brad Rose at Foxy Digitalis has to say about it....

"Agitated Radio Pilot is the mostly-solo vehicle of Deserted Village kingpin, Dave Colohan. This release is an exorcism of sound and emotion, poured out through strained, simple guitar lines and harmonium crescendos. For an EP that is dedicated to the passing of two people very close to Colohan, one would expect the music to be emotionally deep. Colohan is a brilliant sculptor. The centerpiece for this 3" disc is unquestionably the 14+ minute title track. I can picture him sitting alone in his dark room, playing this song solemnly trying to fight back his tears. It is that dense and that moving. Each note is carefully chosen, each chord carefully picked. He is paying homage to his fallen loved ones and he will settle for nothing less than perfection. As this release is dedicated to two individuals, it is fitting that this track is split into two separate movements. The second half of the track is played on a harmonium, and its wheezing, melancholy is the perfect complement to Colohan's guitar playing. They fit together perfectly, and the harmonium further explores the same mood and feelings of the guitar. It's such a beautiful piece that it's hard not to be moved. The two shorter tracks offer shades of despair ("What the Winds & Days May Bring") and forlorn hope ("And Many a Summer Sleeps") and fit into the overall mix wonderfully. Everything about this release is beautiful: the music, the packaging, and the sentiment. I encourage everyone who is reading this to check it out. 9/10".

Deserted Village Presents... Christina Carter and Fursaxa - LIVE!!!

Wednesday, 22 September 2004 Christina Carter and Fursaxa will play the Boat Club in Limerick on Saturday 23rd October and Lazybird in Dublin on Sunday 24th October. They will play seperate sets and our own Agitated Radio Pilot will be opening on both nights.

New Website.

Tuesday, 2 November 2004 Its still a work in progress. More stuff will be added, colour schemes will change etc.. Please let us know if you find broken links and stuff.
It seems the dropdown menu is the last thing to load in Firefox so it may take a few seconds to appear on some pages.

New Village CDR from Xenis Emputae Travelling Band

Wednesday, 15 September 2004 The Hieroglyphic Mountain" by Xenis Emputae Travelling Band is the latest Village release (DV15). Its onsale in our shop. Stay tuned for more info or visit the Larkfall website.

Cover of Xenis Emputae's album

New CDR from Snowmachine

Thursday, 22 July 2004 "In A Light" (DV14) is Snowmachine's debut record of midnight lullabies recorded in bedrooms and reinterpreted in outer space.

Cover of Snowmachine's album

Two Village related CDRs on Foxy Digitalis (United Bible Studies and Agitated Radio Pilot)

Friday, 2 July 2004 There are two new village related cdrs out on Foxy Digitalis( United Bible Studies and Agitated Radio Pilot).

"The Lunar Observatory" is the latest release from UNITED BIBLE STUDIES. Its a short album of improvised songforms played with piano, guitars, trumpet, saxophone, violin, electronics and other bits and pieces. Recorded in Dublin on June 19th, 2004.

"Like Flightless Birds" is an old AGITATED RADIO PILOT album of dreamy dronescapes. It was originally released a few years ago as a limited edition cassette, it is now remastered and repackaged in a beautiful Foxglove sleeve.

Check out the Foxy webzine. Theres loads of cool interviews, reviews, articles etc (including some reviews of our own stuff and an interview with Murmansk!) written by Foxy Main Man Brad Rose and others , including some people who used to write for the wonderous and much-missed Broken Face magazine.

Cover of The Lunar Observatory

"Play In Random Order" by The Cosmic MooN.

Friday, 25 June 2004 This is a split CDR from Moon and The Cosmic Nanou. It is available from Burning Emptiness.

"We Humans invented words so we could kill each other without weapons. Not that we're that reluctant to use weapons against each other or other living beings now that we're speaking about it. In fact, we do have every reason to hate each other: we are uniformly stupid, uniformly ugly, uniformly bad. Only why we hate other living beings so much is a mystery. So this record only features two jewels of the Human Speech: William Shakespeare and Met Eireann."

New CDR from The Pirate Tom Gribbins.

Sunday, 20 June 2004 DV13 is the first release from The Pirate Tom Gribbins. It is a 3" CDR of abstract electronics about school and summer holidays. There are 30 copies and each one has a unique cover image.

Cover of The Pirate Tom Gribbins CDR


Murmansk To Play Belgium And Holland.

Wednesday, 16 June 2004 Murmansk Will be playing a few dates in Belgium and Holland later in the summer with R.O.T (dates below). There will be a split Murmansk/R.O.T CDR in honour of the occasion. Murmansks contribution is a rattling beast from one of their earliest sessions called "The Amphibious Creatures".

Murmansk, R.O.T.
July 30th 2004. (Friday)
@ Atelier Momen, Brussels, Belgium.

Murmansk, R.O.T
31st July 2004.(Saturday)
@ Cinemahaus klappei, Antwerp, Belgium.

Murmansk, R.O.T.
1st Aug 2004. (Sunday)
@ Afrika Squat, Amsterdam, Holland.

Murmansk, R.O.T.
2nd Aug 2004. (Monday)
@ Negasonic, Aalst, Belgium.

Mór '04

Wednesday, 16 June 2004 The second Mor Festival will take place this year at Charleville Castle in Tullamore on Saturday August 21st and Sunday 22nd. Agitated Radio Pilot will play the Castle room on the 21st. Moment Force (Dennis McNulty, David Lacey, Gavin Prior and Paul Vogel) play the castle room on the 22nd and Weapons Of Mass Destruction Arkestra will be Damo Suzukis backing band on the Mainstage on the 22nd.

United Bible Studies will be playing in Joe Lee's pub in Tullamore with locals Boxes on Friday 20th along with Rest. UBS and various others (Inc Damo Suzuki) will play Joe Lee's again on the 22nd to celebrate the festival.

Freebird Records in Dublin are now stocking all of our CDRs.

Tuesday, 1 June 2004 Theres a Deserted Village Section in the shop beside O'Connell bridge.

United Bible Studies will play a live session on Dublins NearFM next Sunday.

Monday, 22 March 2004 UBS will play a short live set on NearFM in Dublin on the afternoon of Sunday 28th March.

NearFM can be picked up in Dublin on 101.6FM.

DV Presents... Black Forest Black Sea - LIVE - (31/3/04)

Sunday, 22 February 2004 Black Forest Black Sea play Doyles of College St. in Dublin on Wednesday 31st March. Support will come from United Bible Studies and Bullets. €6.

They play the Galway Arts Centre on Saturday 3rd April (Support from Murmansk). €6

New album and other Murmansk news

Thursday, 18 March 2004 Hot on the heels of "END OF NAVIGATION" (out last month on Humbug Records) comes another CDR from Murmansk. Its called "Craterscrape" and is released by Imvated, which is a label operating out of Belgium. This CDR has one long track recorded in early 2002.

Imvated are helping to organise some European dates for Murmansk in early June. More details soon.

Murmansk have contributed a track to a compilation album of Irish electronica called Eklectra which is on Elusive Recordings. The Murmansk track is called "Sky Wide and Crooked" and consists of processed Vocals. Murmansk performed as a three piece at the launch night in the Sugar Club in London alongside Jimmy Behan, Formica and others.

Cover of End Of Navigation Cover of Craterscrape Cover of electra compilation

Holt: 80 Mile Beach.

Thursday, 18 March 2004 Holts debut album of Australiana is available now on Dead Slack String Records. Wide eyed country, thundering squalls of guitar, wine stained piano and finger-picking, sad blasts of trumpet and the drone of didjeridu, bleary eyed harmonies and haunting late night sounds.

Cover of holt album

Another Agitated Radio Pilot Reissue.

Friday, 5 March 2004 IN GOLDSMITH COUNTRY by Agitated Radio Pilot is due out any day now on Dead Slack String records. In Goldsmith Country was first released a few years ago on cassette. It is a collection of melancholy instrumentals. It will be released as a limited edition CDR of thirty three copies and it will come cased in a beautiful handcrafted cover made of velvet (or some sort of velvety material).

The last ARP reissue "A Drifting Population" was released a month or so ago on Deserted Village. There will be more reissues in the not too distant future

The Village features in the new Robots And Electronic Brains.

Tuesday, 2 March 2004 Deserted Village is one of the Labels featured in the latest edition of Robots And Electronic Brains (number 13). Its a cool magazine that comes with a free cd. Five different labels contribute to the CD. The villagers on the CD are Wrecking Ball, Cog, Sean Og, The Cosmic Nanou and United Bible Studies.

You can find more info and order the magazine from the Robots website. We may have a few copies soon at village gigs.

New CDRs from Sean Óg and Wrecking Ball

Thursday, 29 January 2004 "Very Little Is Weightless" is the first solo album for the Village by Murmansk/Orpheus/Assorted Others reedsman Sean Óg. It was recorded in the bleak midwinter of 2003 in a dark Dublin basement (entry to which is gained by crawling on hands and knees along a Blyton-esque secret passage). Sean Óg has emerged into the blossoming springtime with a warm, rich album made of trumpophone, glockenspiel, tenor and soprano saxophones, autoharp, synthesisers, guitar, percussion, no-input-desk, piano, flute, unexpected songforms and the beautifuk vocals of Martina Evers.

"Grunt Work" is Wrecking Ball's first CDR. Its a collection of improvisations for voice microphone amp and bell. 35 short bursts of sound, live with no overdubs.

cover of Wrecking Ball album cover of Sean Og album

Delays To New Agitated Radio Pilot and Murmansk albums

Monday, 5 January 2004 Before Christmas we rashly announced the immanent release of "A Drifting Population", a reissue of a cassette from Agitated Radio Pilot. Its mostly comprised of semi-improvised electric guitar meloncholica inspired by rambling through the Australian outback. It also has a haunting piano impromptu recorded in an abandoned house somewhere in the outback. It hasnt happened yet as handcrafting the sleeves (lovingly, of course) is proving to be more time consuming than anticipated howver it should be ready in the next few weeks.

Also promised but not delivered is the new Murmansk album "End Of Navigation" on Humbug records but it too will be ready very soon.

Theres bucketloads of other cds in the pipeline but were saying nothing about them until the last minute. Its part of our new years resolution to turn the village into a slick sophisticated corporate machine. Weve already started carving into a boardroom table the old tree where the Magickal Folk Of The Faraway Tree leave their stone tapes for us.