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Corrections & Clarifications

Saturday, 1 November 2003 Last Months Gig Guide was full of misinformation. Two Weapons of Mass Destruction Gigs scheduled for November have been cancelled. The Music Room on Abbey St in Dublin has closed down so they cant play there and the Lazybird gig on the 9th is off due to other unfortunate circumstances. Dont hold your breath for Townparks Foundry in The Ballroom of Romance either.

We hope this months gig guide is more useful.

New Murmansk Album - "End Of Navigation"

Saturday, 1 November 2003 Murmansk have a new album coming out in December. It will be called END OF NAVIGATION and it will be on HUMBUG RECORDS.

HUMBUG is a Norwegian label run by ANDERS GJERDE and they have loads of really deadly music by the likes of CONTINENTAL FRUIT, EDWARD RUCHALSKI, ANTONY MILTON and more. MURMANSK are delighted be on Humbug and to get out of the village to another label.

END OF NAVIGATION will have over an hour of new material recorded in Dublin over the last year. It is similar in spirit to MURMANSKs Deserted Village debut album but it explores different sonic terrain. FERGUS CULLEN of PAPERCOP (and lots of other bands) joined MURMANSK for this album.

Humbug also have a series of compilation cds called Cottage Industrial. The second one is due out any day and has contributions from some Villagers.

Murmansk play the Galway Arts Centre on Saturday 6th of December at 3-30pm. Admission is free. See Gig Guide for more info.

What We Did In October

Saturday, 1 November 2003 UNITED BIBLE STUDIES opened for BOXES in The Music Room on October 4th. BOXES were launching their album Big Ships In The Night Small Boats In The Morning. Also on the bill were KID BLUNT. UBS went on first. Again the line up was brand new and the set consisted of a lengthyThe Shore That Fears The Sea which has been going down a CAN meets PHAROAH SANDERS road at other recent gigs but this time it was more of a "CAN do Celtic Metal" vibe. KID BLUNT and BOXES came on after and were deadly too.

WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION played the Spiegeltent in the little square there on Dublins Jervis Street as part of A Little Mór. Their set opened with a rousing version of Elton Johns "Ready for love" with Ferg at the grand piano and they also played a boogie woogie version of Fausts "Its A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl". Also on the bill that night were The Man And The Machine and Schrodersound. Rosita Boland of the Irish Times said of the evenings entertainment "The cumulative effect was like a Rottweiler in a velvet kennel".

WHEN ITS AJAR: THE MUSIC OF DANIEL FIGGIS? is a new double CD from Spitroast featuring "recompositions" of Daniel Figgis songs by loads of Irish people. "Side One", as the first CD is called, has got beat oriented remixes while "Side Two" is more ambient. "Side Three" has loads more stuff and is available over the internet. Deserted Village recording Artistes Cog and The Cosmic Nanou have a track each on side two.

The album was launched in the Project Arts Centre on Friday October 24th. There were live performances by KARL HIM, DEEP BURIAL, BLUE FOOD, AMERICHORD, SWITCHES, DOUBLE ADAPTER and our own COG and THE COSMIC NANOU who performed as a duo and remixed live their remixes.

AGITATED RADIO PILOTS page has had a bit of a makeover. Check it out. Also the Pilots tape archives are being plundered and reduced to 1s and 0s for future CD releases.

THE CHILDREN OF THE STONES have begun transferring their debut album from the realm of the mythical to the realm of the rest of us. Alchemy being the unpredictable business that it is we cant tell you when itll be ready or what it will sound like but it will be good. For sure.

Other recording done in October will see the light of day where and when it sees fit.

The glorious extended summer finally came to an end. We had a lovely display of northern lights over the village on the night of October 29th. We dont see much of them here.

New CDRs from Amydala and The Magickal Folk Of The Faraway Tree

Sunday, 2 November 2003 AMYGDALA, the funky free improvisors, have recorded an album. It will be the sixth release on the deserted village label. The group, which features Dave Carrol of the Wormholes on percussion, Fergus Cullen of Papercop on guitar, Paul Roe of the Concorde Ensemble on bass clarinet and Gavin Prior of Murmansk on percussion and electronics, was originally called "Speedbump" but they changed their name to Amydgola out of embarrassment at being dropped from the Mór Festival. Their first recording is truly demented but very funky, sounds like a jewish wedding band loosely reinterpreting Bitches Brew among (lots of) other things.It will be on sale in the shop in early september and a tour of Dublin will follow.

Also just out is "The Mildew Leaf" (DV7) which is the first offering from THE MAGICKAL FOLK OF THE FARAWAY TREE. The wandering minstrels have recorded a charmingly old-fashioned collection of folk songs from Britain, Ireland and The Channel Islands. No improv rattling or scratching here. Its in our shop and at our gigs.

We are also pleased to distribute this title from Papercop on the Psychic Dice label.

cover of amygdala album cover of Magickal Folk album

Some September News.

Friday, 19 September 2003 The Blackfort Organics Gallery in Temple Bar closed on Sunday 14th September. Loads of bands played including our own United Bible Studies. A (long) great day was head by all. We'll all miss the Gallery and the Gallery Gigs. UBS played a rockin gig in the Music Room on 13th September with yet another new line up (a tradition continued in the Gallery the next day, and probably at their next gig in The Music Room on October 4th). Murmansk played the gallery on Monday 8th September.

Harold Holt played The Ballroom Of Romance on the 19th.

 Always Summer Somewhere by Gavin Prior