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NNM02: Toymonger - Street Trash/The Wierding (C30, 50 copies)

Wednesday, 12 March 2008 T-monger tape

Toymonger are the Dublin based noise duo of Gavin Prior (United Bible Studies) and Andrew Fogarty (Tremors, Boys Of Summer, Bullets) who play an improvised noise racket from Korg synths, contact mic'd sheet metal, mixers, pedals, cymbals played with a bow and tonnes of other items. Street Trash/The Wierding is made up on one side of the very first Toymonger recordings and on the other side of live recordings made on their 2007 UK/Ireland tour with Birds of Delay.

MP3 sample of Side A

Hand-numbered C30 cassette, €5 including postage.

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