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New CDRs from Sean Óg and Wrecking Ball

Thursday, 29 January 2004 "Very Little Is Weightless" is the first solo album for the Village by Murmansk/Orpheus/Assorted Others reedsman Sean Óg. It was recorded in the bleak midwinter of 2003 in a dark Dublin basement (entry to which is gained by crawling on hands and knees along a Blyton-esque secret passage). Sean Óg has emerged into the blossoming springtime with a warm, rich album made of trumpophone, glockenspiel, tenor and soprano saxophones, autoharp, synthesisers, guitar, percussion, no-input-desk, piano, flute, unexpected songforms and the beautifuk vocals of Martina Evers.

"Grunt Work" is Wrecking Ball's first CDR. Its a collection of improvisations for voice microphone amp and bell. 35 short bursts of sound, live with no overdubs.

cover of Wrecking Ball album cover of Sean Og album