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Ard Bia Gallery, Galway 4th March 2006


Murmansk Have Made Another Album

Sunday, 4 March 2007 Murmansk have a new album out on Foxglove called Murmansk Live. The first track was recorded in Warrington (uk) in 2005 while the other two tracks were recorded in 2004 and Belgium and Holland (see photos here).

From the foxglove website:
"another gem from the land of ireland graces us with this live document from deserted village pawnpins, murmansk. always a group to be steeped in organic excesses, these three live performances (culled from three separate dates in 2004 and 2005) show off the group's multiple personalities. the creaking and scraping from a bevy of bowed strings is apparent, but unlike many previous releases is accompanied by a smattering of electronics. this darkness is an unexpected treat. it's like being caught unexpectedly in the rough seas of the north atlantic: dense and choppy and there's no end to what lurks below. 100 copies."

Murmansk wasiting in antwerpSean in antwerpShane in antwerpGav in antwerpR.O.T in antwerpDave and Johnny in antwerp

Murmansk have no plans to undertake a promotional tour.