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2 New releases: Agitated Radio Pilot & Children of the Stones

Thursday, 5 October 2006 cover of agitated radio pilots new album

The first of these releases (available now in the shop) is a brand new CDR from Agitated Radio Pilot called "The Days And Hills Grown Old". Heres a description lifted from the Pilot's Myspace blog:

I am immeasurably proud of this one and it represents a much more haunted incarnation of the Pilot. The exception to this is the massive central track which we played and recorded whilst supporting Sunroof! some time back. I think there were about 11 of us on the Lazybird stage that night....Man, the white lights were shining . Let it be known that Matthew Bower and Michael Flower are gentlemen of the highest degree and brought out the best in our ragged ensemble. I have since become obsessed with everything Bower related and I recommend you check out some of the Sunroof! cds...or indeed anything by Skullflower or The Hototogisu....Wrap yer retinas in gauze and fill yer ears with honey

  Children of the Stones album cover

Two years of recording and another two years of post-production have gone into crafting "The Bright Day Is Gone" - the debut CDR from Children Of The Stones. Now at last it is finished and ready to ship. This is a dazzling concept album of Piano-Poptronic power ballads set in a post-apocalyptic night-time world in which the past and the future are embroiled in a desperate race for the last place aboard the last refugee ship to outer space, due to leave the planet at dawn from the South Pole (but maybe from the North). And for the loser? Nothing less than ABSOLUTE extinction.