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United Bible Studies - The Solar Observatory

Wednesday, 3 August 2005 Released on 23 Productions

This won't be in any Irish shops. We'll get a handful to sell at gigs but we've muck-all gigs coming up. This is unlike anything UBS have recorded before or since. Two long tracks. The first is an epic dirge of pulsing feedback loops, synths, riffing cellos and moany vocal mantras. The title track is a semi-improvised instrumental based on potentially-irritating high-pitched broken glass loops leading to solar meltdown. This is The darkest United Bible Studies release yet, We even wore our cloaks in the studio.

Here's how 23 productions describe it:

"Sonic day dreamers from Ireland's Deserted Village collective, take things a few steps further outside with this release. Tranquil soundscapes are now assaulted and made dirty with profuse effects and madman mantra rants cycles. Still there is no mistaking this unit's aptitude in pastoral and elemental psychedelia, but this recording shows their beast in the full light of the sun."

Cover of the solar observatory