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New CDRs from Amydala and The Magickal Folk Of The Faraway Tree

Sunday, 2 November 2003 AMYGDALA, the funky free improvisors, have recorded an album. It will be the sixth release on the deserted village label. The group, which features Dave Carrol of the Wormholes on percussion, Fergus Cullen of Papercop on guitar, Paul Roe of the Concorde Ensemble on bass clarinet and Gavin Prior of Murmansk on percussion and electronics, was originally called "Speedbump" but they changed their name to Amydgola out of embarrassment at being dropped from the Mór Festival. Their first recording is truly demented but very funky, sounds like a jewish wedding band loosely reinterpreting Bitches Brew among (lots of) other things.It will be on sale in the shop in early september and a tour of Dublin will follow.

Also just out is "The Mildew Leaf" (DV7) which is the first offering from THE MAGICKAL FOLK OF THE FARAWAY TREE. The wandering minstrels have recorded a charmingly old-fashioned collection of folk songs from Britain, Ireland and The Channel Islands. No improv rattling or scratching here. Its in our shop and at our gigs.

We are also pleased to distribute this title from Papercop on the Psychic Dice label.

cover of amygdala album cover of Magickal Folk album