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New album and other Murmansk news

Thursday, 18 March 2004 Hot on the heels of "END OF NAVIGATION" (out last month on Humbug Records) comes another CDR from Murmansk. Its called "Craterscrape" and is released by Imvated, which is a label operating out of Belgium. This CDR has one long track recorded in early 2002.

Imvated are helping to organise some European dates for Murmansk in early June. More details soon.

Murmansk have contributed a track to a compilation album of Irish electronica called Eklectra which is on Elusive Recordings. The Murmansk track is called "Sky Wide and Crooked" and consists of processed Vocals. Murmansk performed as a three piece at the launch night in the Sugar Club in London alongside Jimmy Behan, Formica and others.

Cover of End Of Navigation Cover of Craterscrape Cover of electra compilation