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'The Jonah' by United Bible Studies Out Now.

Thursday, 5 March 2009 Hello,
We're delighted to tell you that our new album The Jonah is out now. It was a long time in the making and we hope you think it's been worth the wait.We're also happy to be on the mighty Camera Obscura label. Go to the Camera Obscura site for liner notes and mp3's. You can hear a demo of Death In The Arctic from the album on the UBS myspace. The album is available from the Camera Obscura site and will be available around the world in the coming weeks.

The Jonah, Out now on Camera Obscura

"A cornucopia of sonic delights, traversing the spectrum from delicate folk to sprawling progressive rock. Richard Youngs' progressive rock project Ilk provided the impetus for the band to make a "Prog Album" so they started with the everything-but-the-kitchen- sink opus "The Jonah". Running the gamut from delicate acoustic guitar to Sunn 0))) style doom metal & back again, it's an extraordinary feat of the imagination. Around this central track, a range of shorter tracks orbit, typically acoustic or folk-rock in nature with occasional experimental flourishes, they are characterized by glorious melodies & arrangements and a peerless array of guests. Current 93's Richard Moult provides synth & very David Tibet like vocals to opener "The Swallowing", and help out with the space folk piece "A for Andromeda". Ex Mellow Candle singer Allison O'Donnell provides vocals for several tracks, as does Sharron Kraus."