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Josephine Foster, Mi & L'au, Daniel Patrick Quinn & Duncan Grahl (with United Bible Studies)
@ Boom Boom Room, Parnel St, Dublin
Wednesday 31 August 2005 at 20:30
Price : €10

Those of you who saw Josephine play in Ireland will understand how absolutely psyched we are to announce 4 more dates in the last week of August. She's an opera school drop out with an incredible voice that has to be heard live and such beautiful songs too.....

If Josephine told us she was bringing GG Allen on tour it couldn't detract from our enjoyment. The good news is she's Bringing French-Finnish duo Mi & L'au along. We got a promo of their album and it's sweet. Sweet enough to be released on Michael Gira's Young God label in the Autumn. Of course this was the first label to release Devandra Banhart, so check 'em out now or pay €29.50 to see in them in the Village next year.

A tenner is a bit more than we normally charge but the Dublin date differs from the others because UBS will be the backing band for Lancashire Avant-Folker Daniel P Quinn. He's like Mark E Smith getting out in the fresh air checking out standing stones- Hard to imagine, I know. Daniel is bringing Duncan, his 60 year old narrator who, when filled with beer expels wit & wisdom. So, thats a lot of travelling musicians to care for in one night. We'll be playing with Daniel again the following weekend in Scotland

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