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@ Dublin: The Joinery
Friday 31 October 2014 at 20:00
Price : €10/8

JOIN US FOR THE LAST EVER DESERTED VILLAGE EVENT IN THE JOINERY! We've worked together many memorable times over the last 7 years - The Joinery will be irrreplaceable.


Diarmad Mac Diarmada (Tenor Sax, Trombone, Percussion, Garden Hose, Vox)
Bryan O’Connell (Drums)
Gavin Prior (Guitar, Vox, Bass, Piano Innards, Electronics)

Tarracóir (pron. tah-ra-core) is Gaelic for Tractor – think Grindcore, Hardcore (but never Normcore!) and a gravitation pulling you in…..

Tarracóir formed in Dublin where the three had played together for years in United Bible Studies. Tarracóir was formed to create something more primitive & brutal, something “pure ignorant”. Each Tarracóir performance is an antidote to Western Culture’s enfeebling denial of the irrational and cthonic parts of our nature. Tarracóir’s genre is “Base Metal” – the listener is the alchemist. Listeners will hear elements of Free Jazz, Death Metal and the blare & clatter of Tibetan Buddhist demon-chasing rituals. “GROWTH” consists of their first two gigs edited, collaged and overdubbed for max impact.

Brian Conniffe, Suzanne Walsh & Diarmuid Mac Diarmada

Brian Conniffe is a cross-genre, experimental musician who has worked with a long list of collaborators including Nurse With Wound, notable for a style which fuses the darkest psychedelia with disquieting ambience.

Suzanne Walsh is a visual artist and musician, whose practice involves musical collaborations with various artists as well as her own solo artistic work, which crosses over between art and music worlds.

Diarmuid MacDiarmada is a multi-instrumental composer and producer, and a veteran of the Irish music scene.

Katie O’Neill

Industrial famine roads winding through the ruins of ancient vacant blocks of flats, a guitar and a woman’s howl echoing. Katie is out for blood!

Dreamy bleakness for fans of anxiety, self doubt, sleep disturbed by the ‘doctrines’ society perpetuates.