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Thinguma*jigsaw, Cinema Of Spirits
@ Dublin: Bewleys Cafe Theatre
Friday 26 April 2013 at 20:00
Price : €9

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Thinguma*jigSaw play their last Dublin concert ever!

Thinguma*jigSaw is the Norwegian duo that defined and refined the genre splatter-folk. Splatter-folk combines elements of traditional Irish/British/American/Scandinavian folk with contemporary art music, and mix it up with lyrical and musical components usually associated with horrorfilms, experimental theatre and modernistic poetry. Thinguma*jigSaw is especially influenced by the films of John Carpenter and Dario Argento, the books of Edgar Allan Poe and James Joyce, the art of Edvard Munch, the music of Daniel Johnston, The Tiger Lillies and Philip Glass. Thinguma*jigSaw has released three acclaimed albums (two of them on Dublin label Deserted Village), and toured the eastcoast of USA and much of Europe. On record, Thinguma*jigSaw has collaborated with the actor Brad Dourif (One Flew Over The Cuckoo`s Nest, Child`s Play, Lord Of The Rings: Two Towers), noise guru Lasse Marhaug, songwriter-icon Sport Murphy, and folk legends Clodagh Simonds, Sharron Kraus, Cian Nugent, Peter Delaney and Knut Reiersrud.

Thinguma*jigSaw has been described as "f***ing incredible!" (Miles Hunt, MTV/The Wonder Stuff) and "deeply unsettling, yet strangely comforting" (New York Post).

Thinguma*jigSaw is Seth Horatio Buncombe (banjo and lead vocals) and Martha Redivivus (musical saw, flute, melodica, stringed instruments, vocals). To experience Thinguma*jigSaw live is a captivating, chilling and ultimately weirdly uplifting experience. The duo called it quits in 2012, when they released their last album"Misery Together", but they are back by poular demand to do farewellshows in their spiritual homeland, Ireland.


Cinema of Spirits is the Norwegian singer, songwriter and Banjo-player Stein Henning Berg. Cinema of Spirits plays heartfelt and frail "folk-pop" with a gothic and childlike touch (often described as "emo in the best imagineable way"), combining sincere and vulnerable vocals with original, powerful songwriting and expressionist banjo-playing. Cinema of Spirits is very much "his own man", but still claims to be deeply influenced by the 1966 film "Who`s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?", the horror-ballads Alice Cooper wrote in the seventies, the lo-fi cassette-albums Daniel Johnston made in the eighties, the grim and dark Americana 16 Horsepower gave the world in the nineties, and by musicians he met whilst frantically touring in the noughties.

Cinema of Spirits released his debut recording, the EP "Castle Grayskull", in June 2012. He has done shows together with music legends such as Abigail Washburn & Kai Welch, David Eugene Edwards (16 Horsepower), Daniel Johnston, Alpine Those Myriads, Paleo and Peter Delaney. To experience Cinema of Spirits in concert will give you a deep feeling of warmth, reassurance and hushed joy. This is his first concert in Ireland.

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