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Gavin Prior, Anseo, Dublin 26 April 2009

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David Lacey/Gavin Prior/Paul G Smyth Trio ~ Seán Mac Erlaine Solo
@ Dublin: Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall
Saturday 13 April 2013 at 20:30
Price : €8

Tickets: €8 from the National Concert Hall box office.

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A night of free improvisation by four of Ireland's leading improvisors.
Although Lacey, Prior and Smyth have all played with each other previously this is their first time playing as a trio. Seán Mac Erlaine will be playing a solo set of clarinets and live electronics.

David Lacey: Percussion
Gavin Prior: Electric Guitar
Paul G Smyth: Piano

Seán Mac Erlaine: clarinets, live electronics

Paul G. Smyth (b.1976) is a musician, visual artist and designer, based in Dublin. A member of The Jimmy Cake (described by the Irish Times as “the most powerful musical force in Ireland”), Smyth is also Ireland’s foremost free-improvising pianist. Since 1999, he has worked with Charles Gayle, Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, Keiji Haino, Barry Guy, Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith, John Russell, Chris Corsano, Lol Coxhill, Charles Hayward, John Butcher, Max Eastley, Hannah Marshall, Mark Sanders and Damo Suzuki, among many others, been a member of synth trio Boys Of Summer (“the sound of John Carpenter being buried alive” - Le Cool Magazine), a featured composer in the National Concert Hall, written music for theatre, and performed in 17 countries.
“Ireland’s darkest jewel” - The Journal of Music

David Lacey is a musician from Dublin. He uses drumset, crude electronics, found objects and cassettes. He plays regularly with Rob Casey, Fergus Kelly, Cian Nugent and Paul Vogel and in the bands Chip Shop Music and Legion of Two. Previous collaborations include Rhodri Davies, Annette Krebs, Keith Rowe and Mark Wastell. Since 2005, he has been a co-curator of the i-and-e festival of improvised and contemporary music. Recent projects have included a duo with Patrick Farmer and a two-band collaboration between Chip Ship Music and Barcelona trio Atalon.

Gavin Prior is known to some as a member of United Bible Studies. He currently plays in Toymonger and is working on the debut album of his newest band Sabre Series. His improvising career began with Murmansk formed after an improv workshop with Eddie Prevost of AMM. Since then he has improvised in Ireland and Europe with Sean Meehan, Daivd Lacey, Rhodri Davies, Mick O'Sea, Paul Flaherty Paul Vogel, Dennis McNulty, Paul Roe, Tuula Voutilainen and Francis Heery, among others. Using tabletop guitar/bass, feedback loops and his own circuit bent instruments he continues to span the spectrum from lower case improvising to full-on noise. He is a co-founder of the Deserted Village label

Seán Mac Erlaine uses live electronics and woodwinds to create beautiful otherworldly atmospheres. His new solo record 'Long After The Music Is Gone' is described by The Irish Times as "An extraordinary solo recording... consistently one of the most interesting and adventurous musicians of his generation. ????." Recent solo improvised performances include Mitchelstown Caves, Kaleidoscope, The New Theatre, The Sligo New Music Festival, The Bottlenote Festival, IMMA, Bray Jazz Festival and The Venice Biennale.