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Merch, Thomas House, January 2012

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Gavin Prior & Tuula Voutilainen, 'Hi Dó' (Alex Conway & Frank Whelan)
@ Dublin: Siteation, Unit 4, James Joyce st.
Monday 6 September 2012 at 19:00
Price : FREE

Unit 4, James Joyce St., Dublin 1. (Down the street from The LAB on Foley St.)

SITEATION launches at Unit 4, James Joyce St.
An evening of sound with...

Gavin Prior & Tuula Voutilainen
& 'Hi Dó' - Alex Conway & Frank Whelan.

Gavin Prior & Tuula Voutilainen will perform an acoustic site-specific percussion and vocals set utilizing the acoustics of the SITEATION space.

Gavin and Tuula have played together for years in United Bible Studies and also play as a duo in a noise improv context combining harsh electronics and intense vocalisation.

Gavin Prior is best known as a member of United Bible Studies. He currently plays in the noise duo Toymonger and is working on the debut album of his newest band Sabre Series. He has been based in Dublin for almost a decade and has improvised with musicians from Ireland and around the world including David Lacey, Seán Meehan, Thollem McDonas, Rhodri Davies, Okkyung Lee and Damo Suzuki. He plays straight acoustic guitar and electric guitar with preparations and extended technique. For years he has been circuit bending and modifying cheap instruments which can be heard in his recordings with Toymonger and various improvisational meetings. He has performed throughout Europe, America and East Asia. He co-founded the Deserted Village label.

Hi Dó was formed recently as a collaboration between Alex Conway (performance/sound) and Frank Whelan (percussion).They shared a common interest in awkward music and sounds with a limp step. Frank, being a man with an affection for numbers,harrasses them into treasured obedience but with a soft heart. Alex vocalises from a time before speech, but may one day learn to speak, possibly from the tongues of others whose words have landed on paper.The future waits for them?

Find us just around the corner from The LAB and a few doors down from the Oonagh Young Gallery.