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Raising Holy Sparks - Whelans 7 March, 2013

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Darugaries, Sabre Series, Owensie
@ Dublin: The Twisted Pepper (Upostairs)
Sunday 27 May 2012 at 20:00
Price : €8

Darugaries was formed in Osaka, Japan in 2002. They play a kind of traditional, psychedelic meditation music in an idle performance. Their music is founded on bass guitar around which voices, wind instruments and electronics weave. We can also hear electronics and percussion played on whatever found objects come to hand. Members and musical instruments come and go as time passes. On this tour the band is playing bass, trumpet, clarinet, trombone and electronics.

Darugaries Live Video

Songs by Gavin Prior (United Bible Studies,Toymonger) and Suzanne Walsh (ex-Noland Folk, duo with Brian Conniffe), string arrangements by Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh.

Sabre Series originated when Gavin Prior and Suzanne Walsh both found themselves recording in the same isolated cottage in the Tipperary hills. They were surrounded by horses and wilder creatures and nocturnal presences which found their way into Prior composition ‘The Shivering’. Sabre Series songs, written by both Prior and Walsh, tend to be concerned with the fleeting moments when the subconscious and external worlds push against and illuminate eachother.

Sabre Series evolved when Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh was asked to play some viola then started writing string arrangements which lead to Fiona Lucia McGarry (violin) Siobháin Kelleher (Cello) joining.
Singer and accordionist Suzanne Walsh has a background in fine art which informs her writing, as well as an interest in performative styles, improvising and sound work within a fine art context which leads to exploratory vocal delivery. Her writing also is a place to explore her Large Hadron Collider fangirl obsessions.

Listeners will hear echoes of folk and torch songs but Prior’s chord choices and Nic Oireachtaigh’s string arrangements keep edging things forward. Gladly at odds with current trends of mumbling vagueness and emotional detatchment, these are living, breathing songs, tremulous and lived in the shadow of the L.H.C !!!

Owensie is currently recording his second album at The Hive Studios with James Eager and plans to preview his new material this summer with full band of brass, electric guitars and drums.
He'll be playing some of these new songs solo on the night.

Owensie's first ablum of classical guitar based folk, 'Aliens', was released in February 2011 by Out On A Limb Records in Ireland to broad critical acclaim. The album shifts through scenes of airports, borders and tower blocks, from dark forests to the high mountains of Andalucia, moving through the themes of clandestine love, life, suicide, war and the subtle virtues of humanity that permeate our existence. He was joined on the album by Julia Mahon (piano and string arrangements), Mick Roe (drums), Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh (viola), Paddy Dexter (cello) and Andy Mooney (percussion).

"Emerges as a startling new talent with this wonderfully assured debut", 4/5, Irish Independent

Owensie On Bandcamp