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United Bible Studies in Ballymahon, (County Longford) at the Music From the Deserted Village Festival in June 2002.

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A4 Sounds - A Gigstallation
@ Dublin: The Joy Gallery, 2 Rutland Place, Dublin 1.
Friday 9 January 2009 at 20:00
Price : 8 EUR

A4 Sounds - A Gigstallation

music from...
*B12 Shot (Australia)
*Attention Bebe
*Sixfoot Apprentice
*Maryjane/Munitions Family

art from...
*Eilis McDonald
*Shorter Trousers



The Joy Gallery -


Australian B12 Shot a.k.a. Holly Fluxx is hitting our shores for the first time this January to treat us to a night of popcore, raphop, fun'n'bass, and sparkle-art-noise. The ultra-productive B12 Shot does not limit herself to just making amazing music. She also set up the 'Gooey On The Inside' collective along with Ultra Violet MC. This Melbourne based group promote gigs, organize parties, write, design, and publish zines, and create their own visual art. With upcoming releases on the cards, and a reputation for original, creative, and most of all... Fun live sets, this show looks set to be a monster!

Support on the night comes from...

Attention Bebe, the local legends who dare us not to dance or smile as they play their unique takes on classic pop and dance tracks from the 1990's. You may have caught 'em at some of their recent 'happenings' in the Bernard Shaw, or busking to the Xmas masses on Grafton Street, or on their brilliantly named 'World Tour of Portabello'!.

Other support comes from...

Sixfoot Apprentice, a member of the !Kaboogie gang who've been putting on gigs in Ireland for 3 years now. His sets vary from poptastic bassy booty bounceyness to faster spazzier breaks, but always highly danceable. Expect the unexpected here, with mashups of pop and breakcore, punk and hiphop.

Maryjane, playing midi grunge drum distortion to soundtrack your so-called life.

Check out all tonight musical acts here...

B12 Shot -

Attention Bebe -

Sixfoot Apprentice -

Maryjane -


Iheartwillies, Shorter Trousers, Ginge, Eilis and B12 Shot together will be producing a number of black-line illustrations where the objective of the show is to get the audience to finish them. All 5 have a unique style of doodling so the end results should be interesting, covering subjects like the big bang theory and crying celebrities.

On the night there will be 20 A0 prints with 100 markers. The audience will be free to colour the images and add to the drawings as they wish. No image is for sale, and all the art will be given away for free to the first 20 people to arrive to the show.

All the images from the show will be put together in a colouring book format so everyone will have a copy to take home with them.

This is a unique approach to an art show where the viewer has full permission to do what they want, and where scribbling is encouraged.

So come, drink, dance, colour in .....blah blah bluh.

B12 Shot
says her style is is high speed broadband onomatopoeia + sparkles.

Eilis McDonald
"To me, music always has to look like it sounds. Whatever that means to you it should transpire." - David Lee Roth, 1995
Eilis McDonald is a multi-media artist based in Dublin.

Dublin based illustrator with previous exhibitions in Dublin as part of The Projected Weekends and in Buenos Aires this past September in two established contemporary venues, Expotrastiendas and Palacio de las Artes.
She has also produced album covers for artists on Acroplane, Wronglab, Mechanical Records and an upcoming release on Netlab. Lisa has produced poster design for various Irish collectives such as Back To Bass Kicks, !Kaboogie, Wobble, Breakfast and Redrum.

Dublin based model maker and animator who has exhibited in the Prague Quadrenial and also recently with local collective Synth Eastwood at the Deaf festival. Finn also produces a unique range of jewelery from found objects such as dominos and dice which will be available on the night to buy.

Shorter Trousers
Dublin based photography student, Shorter has worked with the Artisit? festival and produced photographs for the Ard Bia Gallery. Her work has been exhibited in Film Base as part of a group show and she has produced posters for Leechrum Records and Stress! in Galway.

The Joy Gallery -