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@ The Shed, 17-21 Foley st, Dublin 1. (Applerock Gateway)
Saturday 2 February 2008 at 16:00
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Saturday, Feb. 2nd: 4:00-7:00 in the afternoon and ensemble concert that evening.

Listening/Improvisation/Soundpainting Workshop

Facilitator: Thollem McDonas (Pianist/Comproviser)

Suggested Donation: 30 EUR for the 3 day workshop + a donation for the shed.

To book your place in this workshop contact Mcbett at or 0877954727


1. The participants will explore sound and music in an immediate and experiential way, investigating the principles of acoustics, dynamics, timbre, articulation, rhythm, the varieties of relationships in a musical group dynamic, spontaneous composition, structured improvisations, and conducted group improvisation. The participants will leave the workshop with a heightened sense and appreciation of the everyday sounds around them, and skills that will enable them to continue to explore on their own as well as lead their own workshops if there are so interested.

2. The workshop will utilize everyday sound sources (objects that already naturally exist in the space that can be enhanced), voices, traditional musical instruments the participants bring, and ambient sounds that are occurring outside of the group.

3. The emphasis is not on individual creativity necessarily, or high levels of musicianship, but on the ability to listen and make music in relationship to others.

4. Soundpainting (also known as Conduction) is a term referring to a conductor of sorts, but in this case someone who leads a group improvisation. There are techniques using symbolic notation, text, graphics, the body and oral sounds. The participants will be lead this way at times and also offered the opportunity to lead the group if they desire.
The Facilitator has invented structured improvisations that are designed specifically to be used by anyone regardless of their musical experience, age, language or size of group.
The facilitator will employ conduction techniques at times to lead improvisations as well as allow others to conduct the group.
There are also many techniques for use in the general musical paradigm, developed over the years by a wide variety of musicians and musical educators, from the worlds of Jazz, Classical music, and folk music that may be utilized if appropriate. However, most importantly, the workshop will develop organically from the needs and interests of the participants, a natural progression, a structured improvisation of its own…