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Jane Austen, Toymonger, Matjaz Galicic, Soun.din, Tim Hurley
@ DUBLIN, Seomra Spraoi
Saturday 3 November 2007 at 15:00
Price : 6 EUR

This is an early show and will end at 6pm leaving us plenty of time to get to the Voice of the Seven Woods/ARP gig in Kennedys. ALL AGES.

Toymonger (
Duo of Gavin Prior (United Bible Studies) & Andy Fogarty (Tremors)

Jane Austen
Jane Austen makes quiet laptop music. She recontextualises recordings of domestic sounds in a performance environment, creating sound narratives from a range of sources including immobile, out-of-tune-pianos and small pets. Jane Austen has contributed to Australasian festivals like Liquid Architecture, and Cinema Ascension. While she has worked by herself under this name for two and a half years, she also very much enjoys collaborating with other musicians, and has been involved with making queer noises for bands like the truly outrageous P.U.S.H and the short lived Evidence X. As well as having releases on
cLaudia she also co-runs the label gest with Nigel Wright.
This will be her Irish debut.

Matjaz Galicica.k.a. Gen 26, noise/experimental musician from
Slovenia, now living in Ireland

'Soun.din is a total improvisation project. It has been running for five years and has has achieved a high level of sensitivity and subtlety. All that is about to change.
Diarmuid Mac Diarmada and Slavek Kwi intend to revert to a more primitive state for the Soun.din duo performance at the Seomra Spraoi'