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Gavin Prior & Tuula Voutilainen, Chris Joynes, Black Angels Death Band
@ Stress @ De Burgos, Galway
Wednesday 23 May 2007 at 21:00
Price : €3 €5

€3 before 10 and €5 after.
From the Stress Myspace:

"Returning for their second visit to Stress, Gavin and Tuula return with his suitcase full of bust pedals and hopefully her unbust larynx. Guitar, FX, Throat singing, "welcome to the disco".

Last time out at Stress!!, the culmination of their assorted electronic devices and larynxes (larynxii?) was cut short due to table being. Too short, that is. And assorted electronic devices tragically collapsing off it. Many layrnii, belonging to members of the onlistening crowd class, also collapsed in cries of dismay, and later appreciation in recognition of the many pleasurable sounds that had been heard prior to collapse. We welcome them back with the distinct hope that a larger table may be found for them and their devices so that the only thing collapsing will be our jaws. You know, like in amazement, at it. Drop!

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20-May (2 days ago)

Less Success, More Stress 021!!

The Most InInquitous StressNotes Your Money Can Buy©

Stress!!021 Wednesday 23rd May at De Burgo's

Stress Election Spectacular

Gavin & Tuula (United Bible Studies Party)

Chris Joynes (Independent) _

Black Angels Death Band d(.o.0.)b


Party Improvical Broadcast (Change The Channel)

Doors 9pm. e5


Gavin & Tuula (United Bible Studies)

Gavin & Tuula will set new priorities to deliver public services and a quality of life to
match our strong economy. In government, Gavin & Tuula will create health services that work, protect the prosperity that the Irish people have worked so hard for, support families as they deal with challenges of modern Ireland and build an environmentally-sustainable society, with renewable energy, transport, green housing and reduce our impact on global warming

This is an ambitious but realistic plan which they will set out in infinite, effervescent, coruscating detail for you this Wednesday at Stress!!


Chris Joynes

Chris Joynes has achieved an incredible amount in the last 10 years and the
NEXT STEPS are all about protecting his success and his future. Chris Joynes will not rely on vulnerable low-wage, low-skilled jobs to fuel economic growth. Chris Joynes will do what Gavin & Tuula will never do because he is not in the pockets of builders. Chris Joynes is all about creating a more open, dramatic, emotive form of government and is committed to delivering dignity and equality to everyone in our society.

He is willing to put his reputation on the line this Wednesday at Stress!! to make your life and the lives of your children fucking amazing.