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Safe & Mahood
@ Lazybird, International , Wicklow st, Dublin
Sunday 24 September 2006 at 21:00
Price : 5 Euro

Mahood is the new solo project of Paul Condon, formerly of Chokchai 3K-Battery and currently a member of United Bible Studies. In his own words: "Mahood can loosely be described as psychedelic blues and is influenced by Jandek, Keiji Haino, John Fahey & Charalambides. If you want to get fruity, you can add: `Mahood will attempt, through application of the principles of Kaleidoscopic Austerity and Pentatonic Refractive Dissonance, to purge the audience of any residual emotional turmoil caused by repeated exposure to the opening bars of the Glenroe theme in their formative years'."

Paul Hegarty: also in the band Working With Children. Has had sound installations in several group shows. Writes on noise and experimental music. Teaches philosophy and cultural studies in the French Department, UCC.

Brian O’Shaughnessy: also in PKD, Chokchai 3K-Battery. Has been involved in experimental music groups for ten years. Works in graphic design.

PH and BO’S started out DJing Japanese noise and other experimental music in 2000. They've also performed a live soundtrack to Dziga Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera using records, instruments and found objects, and Neither/For, a piece composed entirely of scratched and remixed CDs of Morton Feldman’s Music for Samuel Beckett. Safe started out in March 2001 with a performance for the Limerick Real Art Project. As well as performing in their own right, Safe and dotdotdot records have organised experimental music events. They have recently released singles by Jackie-O Motherfucker, Guapo and Circle.

Safe’s music combines treated field recordings, mixed live on an array of CD players and combined with electronics, no-input mixing desk, metals, vocals and keyboards. Pieces are entirely improvised, and span the range of sound from strange ambiences to overpowering noise.

Safe’s first album, The Air is Full, was recorded at Intermedia 2002 (in the Triskel Arts centre) and is a collaboration with performance and sound artist Danny McCarthy. Their second was Origin of Species (2005). September 23rd sees the release of The Singularity Lies in Your Future, an eighteen minute slow explosion of rising and churning noises, with a new album to follow later in the year.