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United Bible Studies in Ballymahon, (County Longford) at the Music From the Deserted Village Festival in June 2002.

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Agitated Radio Pilot, Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon, Autumn Grieve & Cubs
@ Rosin Dubh
Monday 28 August 2006 at 21:00
Price : 5 euro

Rusted Rail Night in the Roisin Dubh, Galway

Rusted Rail proudly presents Agitated Radio Pilot, Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon, Autumn Grieve and Cubs in the intimate upstairs room of Roisin Dubh on Monday August 28th. The Galway-based independent record label has already released Agitated Radio Pilot’s “Your Turn To Go It Alone” to a wave of positive press, and the following months will see 3inch cd ep’s from Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon, Autumn Grieve and Cubs (the Connacht wing of United Bible Studies).

Agitated Radio Pilot
A lynchpin of the Deserted Village collective, David Colohan has been exploring lonely trajectories for many years as Agitated Radio Pilot. Making music of stark sadness, melancholic warmth and the sound of the forest from the early primitive barely-there songforms through to the full band psych/folk/electronica of the late nineties and into the melancholy musings of the present, the Pilot has recorded endless spools of tape, much of which is now encrusted in mould. "Your Turn To Go It Alone" (a double 3" ep on Rusted Rail) sees the ‘Pilot draw haunted airs and comforting campfire ballads from the midlands forest mists.

"orbiting a different world to that of the static singer songwriter scene, Agitated Radio Pilot may be a voice in the wilderness but outsider music has rarely sounded so warm"
- Do Something Pretty

"Every release by this artist enforces my view that they are one of the most important yet almost unheard currently making music." theunbrokencircle

Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon
Phantom dog beneath the moon (formerly known as Snowmachine) are a singer/guitar player called Aaron and multi-instrumentalist/spooky electronic dude called Scott. Their debut album “In a Light” is currently available and an ep on Rusted Rail is imminent.

“It is one of those quiet masterpieces that will likely go unnoticed for years, only to be rediscovered down the line and fawned over endlessly.”
-Foxy Digitalis

“This is modern folk trying to find its way home through the fog of communication signals and electronic transmissions. Its the same need for respite that people have found so attractive in the music of Nick Drake.”
- wovenwheatwhispers

Autumn Grieve
From Canada to Belfast, Memphis, New York and now the west coast of Ireland, Autumn Grieve has spent much of her life in various other countries and cultures following many musical paths. Her ep “Another Window” was orchestrated with guitar, piano, vocals, cello and viola and recorded with members of the legendary Louisville collective Rachel’s and is due to be re-issued on Rusted Rail shortly while a new ep is also in the works..

"A wondrous debut single from the Memphis, TN singer/ songwriter, Autumn Grieve. Melancholic folk but with a transcendent feeling of overwhelming beauty that usually gets lost in some of the more passionate singer /songwriters these days. Cat Power’s isolation mixed with Ida’s sense of melody mixed with a little, just for good measure, Joni Mitchell spirit. - Reckless Records

“near-folksy phrasing that could pass for the soft-spoken younger sister of Sandy Denny” – Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN.

Cubs is a Galway-based offshoot of United Bible Studies, (Irelands premier free-folk collective) who craft intimate improvised night-time melodies, veering from oblique takes on Irish, English and American folk music to hypnotic rustic evocations. Their most recent gigs have seen them play with Texan psych-folk duo Charalambides and also in a forest….