Deserted Village
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United Bible Studies in Ballymahon, (County Longford) at the Music From the Deserted Village Festival in June 2002.

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Almost everything we have ever released is now available on bandcamp, most of it is free to download and all of it is free to listen to online. Below are a the relevant links: - Pretty much every DV release is there. - Go here for United Bible Studies. An archive of ARP music. - Raising Holy Sparks & David Colohan's other current activities. - All of Murmansk's albums are here. - Previews of forthcoming releases & web exclusives.

Below are some other audio files which have never been released elsewhere. Feel free to do what you like with them:
Agitated Radio Pilot: Brought to Life and Back Again
- Out take from the recording sessions for WORLD WINDING DOWN in Galway.
Agitated Radio Pilot: On Endangered Dirt
- Unreleased
Gavin Prior & Tuula Votilainen: Stress Club, Galway 07-02-07 (Excerpt)
- Unreleased
Gavin Prior: Garden Improvisation
- Recorded Feb 08
TOYMONGER: Bodkins 7-12-06 (Excerpt)
- Check out the heckling from the students at the end. They were celebrating their Christmas break until the 'monger rolled in. Free gigs can be a hassle for audience and performers.
TOYMONGER: StreetTrash(Excerpt)
- From "Street Trash/The Wierding", tape on Noise Not Music
TOYMONGER: Whore Dame Lame
- Duo of Gavin Prior & Andrew Fogarty, live track. 13th July 2005